Cirque 21 is NOT in town

My sister and I went to the Forever 21 at Highland Mall hoping to sneak a peek at the Forever21 Twist Cirque 21 collection.
No circus was to be found.
It was like the time my parents took me to circus. I had my hopes on Barnum and Bailey. Not knowing there was a difference, they took me to the Moscow circus. There were a lot of bears and not much else.

I did find this dress nautical stripe dress. It was cute, but strange fitting on top. I'll keep an eye out for a better fitting version. I'm sure I won't find one that will beat a $14 price point.

3 responses
when did mom and dad ever take you to a Russian circus?!
That's too bad. Those clothes are super-cute!
tinaphan, they took me to the circus some time before your birth. i was quite disappointed. aimeewenske, we're going to check back to circus additions. can't wait till you come back austin and we can play. yay.