We Come in Peace: Alien Pops at Micah's House


My friend Micah threw a party for her husband James' birthday. Micah is wonderful and strange--the good kind of strange. Wonderfully strange. Like me, she likes to craft and bake.



For James' birthday Micah baked a UFO cake and I made him a few alien cake pops to match. They're definitely the creepiest cake pops I've made so far.

James likes scifi and Star Wars--especially Star Wars. They both really like Star Wars.

Chris borrowed James' highly coveted Storm Trooper mask.

Micah let me try on the Doctor Who scarf she knitted for James. It was really lengthy. It took quite a while to put on and roll back.

Did you notice that oil lamp with the roman statues behind us? My grandparents had a similar one with one lady in the middle instead of three. I remember being fascinated by it as a child.

Happy Birthday James. My sister enjoyed playing with your cats. She will be posting cat pictures soon.