Twitter Bird Cake Pops Video

Here's a video Tina Phan made of me setting up geeky Twitter bird cake pops.

I donated these cake pops to a KUT and NPR tweetup party my friend Dee planned during SXSWi earlier this year.

It's set to the tune of the Ramones' cover of the Trashmen's Surfin' Bird. Does anyone else think of Family Guy when they hear that song?

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holy cow those are awesome! you have to teach me how to make cake balls.
This was my first exposure to cakepops (during PhanFest)....ate about 10 of these twitbirds.
Titus, this is actually from my second batch of Twitter cake pops for the KUT party. You had 10 of the first batch.
This is adorable. Props to Tina on the video. And I love the Twitter pops! They were so good at PhanFest and look REALLY awesome here for KUT with a map. Maps rock. Ooooh.. cake pop globes?
These are adorable! Congrats on your Etsy shop, too, Kathy! I really enjoyed taking a look at it tonight. :) Definitely gave me some Christmas ideas!
you really were so amazing to do this. everyone loved them! did i ever give you my photos and videos from this?
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