Tickle Me Finley - Elmo Cake Pops


photo by Tina Phan

Last month, Benjamin Finley celebrated his second birthday. Like many 2-year-olds, Benjamin is obsessed with Elmo.


photo by Tina Phan

For Benjamin's 1st birthday I made him this Tony Chachere's tee. This year I one-upped myself, or maybe two-dozen-upped myself, with a small army of cake pop Elmos.



photo by Tina Phan

I'd been hoping for an opportunity to try out Bakerella's Sesame Street Cake Pops.


First Benjamin was a little scared to eat Elmo.


He got over it.


Eek. Chilled Elmo brains!

Benjamin is rumored to have learned how to say "Elmo Pop." I'm sad his dad, my friend Aaron, wasn't able to get a sound clip.


photo by Tina Phan

Cake Pop Success


I tried to take some shots of the Elmo pops myself. It ended up looking like Elmo went to Anthropologie, much like everything else I do.

IMG_9620 IMG_9615 IMG_9619


12 responses
you've finally done it! you've built that battalion of cake pop minions to conquer the world!
They are super cute, as always, as is the Tony Chachere's T-shirt! I can't wait until we have kids you start making cool stuff for!
Kathy - your pops always bring a smile to my face! =)
Your cake pop creations are so adorable!
These are adorable! When are you going to start your own cake pop bakery?
They are so cute!
what a freaking lucky kid...someone will have to teach him to eat it in 1 bite...so you dont have to see elmo brains
Pfff, I could totally beat Finley's kid in a cake pop eating contest.
Kathy - Before I picked them up, I had what I thought were unrealistically high expectations for these Elmo cake pops. Yet you truly amazed me with your handiwork and ingenuity! The muppet resemblance was uncanny. Plus every detail down to the jellybean nose was perfect and edible. Benjamin was thrilled. Many thanks!
Those Elmo pops are AWESOME! And I'm loving the image of Elmo sporting Anthropologie...
i think they are great. I have to make 100 of these for a Birthday Party .
Thanks Mary Ann. You'll probably need to space out your Elmo cake pop making over the course of a week. They're really labor intensive. 100 is quite a challenge. Good luck!