Austin Flea Holiday Show 2011 The Highball

photos by by Tina Phan

This Saturday, May 12th, we're doing our 3rd Austin Flea at the highball. This is the Mother's Day Austin Flea, and you'll be able to buy some hand-lettered and illustrated ceramics from kathyphantastic and pretty fabulous hair accessories for mom.

Last December was our first Flea and my first in-person craft show. I was nervous. Was it going to go well? Was I going to go home with a car full of (my own) handpainted ceramics?

I was glad my friend Lauren from DottiePop was there to keep me company as was Santa Mario.

Here's an excellent picture that show how we coincidentally both wore black and white stripes.

A few friends stopped by to check out the booth and show, and I found myself noting many locally-made crafts I wanted for myself, including rings by Kelly Stiles, ceramics by Dim and Sum, and jam by Confituras. Objects of Confection had a batch of homemade chocolate dipped graham crackers. I snagged a few.

Joanna from Keep Austin Stylish stopped by to pick up her The East Side Mug she won from a giveaway on the kathyphantastic Facebook page. She shared her favorite mustache with us:

Yep. That's a winner.

A few people inquired about the custom pet mugs.

So I did go home with ceramics in my car, but far fewer than I started with. Success!

Dog Portraits Featured in The BARK Magazine

Big news! kathyphantastic dog portrait plates and mugs were featured in the January/February 2012 Issue of The Bark Magazine. Oh you haven't heard of The Bark? It's only the premiere "dog culture magazine"

My custom hand-drawn pup portraits were featured in the Home Works: Best Picks of Domestic Design section. The Shipley dog portrait mug and French bulldog plate were among three retailers. kathyphantastic products were featured next to Anthropologie.

photo by Tina Phan

The editors of The Bark found me through my kathyphantastic Etsy shop. Huge thanks to photographer Aimee Wenske for the great product images.

photos by Aimee Wenske

Here's my copy of The Bark Magazine.

photo by Tina Phan

Custom Love Mug on Etsy

photos by Aimee Wenske
styling by Kathy Phan

Hey there! How was your V-Day?

We've been swamped the past few weeks. It was a mostly love-filled swamp rather than a Swamp Thing filled swamp.

Life lately has consisted of many heart shaped things - paper hearts, cookie hearts, sprinkle hearts, hand-drawn hearts, and now this custom hand-lettered Monica and Eric in Love mug with red heart which debuted at the Valentine's Austin Flea.

This lovely mug is available through the kathyphantastic Etsy store for $30. Now that Valentine's is over, I think it'd be a cute engagement gift or wedding gift or just a "hey, I love you and that's a good enough reason" gift.

Custom personalized lovers mug, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $30.

Custom White Persian Cat Portrait Mug

Last December, I had the pleasure of drawing Charlotte the White Persian cat. When asked about her personality, her mama's friend Sarah called her a very regal and prissy cat who loves long naps. Sounds good to me, I need a long nap.

Sarah also revealed that Charlotte has quite the brush collection. She has four brushes and chooses which brush she wants to be brushed with!

Have your kitty's portrait made on a mug or plate at my Etsy store.

Behind the scenes (please ignore my holiday crafting mess):

Why yes, those are penguins putting up a Christmas tree pajama pants.

Photos by Tina Phan

Austin Flea Booth with DottiePop

Hello blog friends. It's been a while. I hope you forgive me. I've been quite busy crafting for the kathyphantastic Etsy store and a recent wedding (and all the intensity that comes with being in a wedding).

This Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, kathyphantastic and DottiePop will be sharing our second booth together at Austin Flea. This weekend's Austin Flea will be at The Highball from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Photo by Aimee Wenske

I'll have quite a few hand painted plates and mugs for sale including a few pieces from the new Austin, Texas series. Blog post coming soon, promise.

Austin Texas I Love You Plate, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $30

Photo by Jane Ko

Lauren Blazic from DottiePop's half of the booth will be full of plumage for humans. She's been crafting some GORGEOUS hair accessories. I have my eye on a bright pink headband.

My friend Jessica from Objects of Confection will also be at the flea with delicious desserts including salted caramel jars, homemade graham crackers, and cake balls (of course).

Stop by and see us.

The Highball
1142 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78704
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Highball will have drink specials to accompany all the crafts. Here's their short and sweet Austin Flea post on their events page. So yeah, shop, have a cocktail, shop even more. Don't forget to stop by kathyphantastic and DottiePop twice. Sound like a plan?

Proof that kathyphantastic will be at the Austin Flea. Ha.

PS Don't forget to like kathyphantastic on Facebook. There may be a giveaway leading up to the flea. (*hint hint)

Honey Bear the Pomeranian Dog Mug


Honey Bear actually isn't a bear at all - Honey Bear is a fluffy little pomeranian. He's one of the many pups (and kitties) I drew in December.

Original photo:


Do you want your dog, cat, or chinchilla drawn on a mug? My kathyphantastic Etsy is back from vacation mode and I'm selling custom personalized pet mugs once again. Check them out: dog mug and cat mug. They make great Valentine's Day gifts for your fave pet lover or yourself.