Animal (the Muppet) and Drum Set Cake Pops

animal drums cake pops

My friend Eric is a drummer. Sometimes he drums for City of Ships.

animal cake pops

Naturally, I wanted to make drum cake pops for his birthday. At first I thought I might make single drums. After a while I remembered that when I asked to borrow some drumsticks (see Roussos post and scroll to the end) he asked if I was going to be Animal. Lightbulb moment, I could make him an Animal Muppet cake pop with a cake pop drum set. Jim Henson inspired cake pop magic ensued.

animal drum set cake pops

I asked Monica, his super cute and crafty girlfriend, about his favorite flavor of cake. She named a few faves--I went with German Chocolate. The redhead and lil Phan got to eat some of the uglies and they both think German chocolate cake pops are the best flavor. I think it has something to do with the texture of coconut pecan frosting.

Eric related shout out: Eric's mom Amy makes super yummy treats. I love the days when Eric has extras and hands ones over to me. Amy's blog is yumtastic.

Lots of blogger ladies in his life. A sign of a good guy? I think so.

Animal vs. Buddy Rich in a drum-off.

These photos were taken by lil Phan aka Tina Phan Photography. Thanks lil Phan.

Styling Fun with Aimee Wenske


My photographer friend Aimee Wenske and I are working on some collaborations. I style things and she takes pretty pictures of them. Here's the outcome of our first photoshoot as a team. Hopefully this leads to even more collaborative projects.


I like aqua, and I like shoes. Therefore I like aqua shoes. Transitive property.

shoe parade

Why, yes, I do have cupcake patterned Converse.

yellow shoes limes puppy theme

I spy a cake pup.

St. Patrick's Day Cake Pops


Saint Patrick's Day cake pops in varying shades of green. The sprinkled cake pop has tiny clover shaped sprinkles.

Cake Pops

For the past few years I've been trying to get the redhead to grow out his beard starting in late January so he'll look like an overgrown leprechaun. Each year he has refused. As a friend of ours put it, "Leprechaun fetish denied." Luck O' the Cake Pops, I guess.

The pictures above were taken by the very talented Aimee Wenske. Thanks Mia! (Yes, I call her Mia. To most everyone else, she's Aimee).

Hope you and your Irishman have a happy St. Patrick's Day.

Fish Pops Featuring Photography by Aimee Wenske

Cake Pops

A few weeks ago I asked lil Phan if there was any cake pop she wanted to see. She said "FISH!" So, I made it happen.

I'm really happy with how they turned out. The pops that didn't turn out (I refer to them as the "uglies") ended up my belly.

What's better than eating the uglies? The super talented Aimee Wenske offered to photograph my pops. YAY! Aren't the pictures beautiful? They remind me of summer--delicious cake-filled summer. She even blogged about them. Read the cake pop post on her blog. Double YAY!

Cake Pops

I was lucky enough to have not just one, but TWO talented photographers shoot my fish pops. Photos from Tina Phan Photography coming soon.

P.S. For those who are new to my blog, here are some posts of cake pops past.

We Come in Peace: Alien Pops at Micah's House


My friend Micah threw a party for her husband James' birthday. Micah is wonderful and strange--the good kind of strange. Wonderfully strange. Like me, she likes to craft and bake.



For James' birthday Micah baked a UFO cake and I made him a few alien cake pops to match. They're definitely the creepiest cake pops I've made so far.

James likes scifi and Star Wars--especially Star Wars. They both really like Star Wars.

Chris borrowed James' highly coveted Storm Trooper mask.

Micah let me try on the Doctor Who scarf she knitted for James. It was really lengthy. It took quite a while to put on and roll back.

Did you notice that oil lamp with the roman statues behind us? My grandparents had a similar one with one lady in the middle instead of three. I remember being fascinated by it as a child.

Happy Birthday James. My sister enjoyed playing with your cats. She will be posting cat pictures soon.

Pre-Tasty Up Tour: Texas Cuban with Colin Walsh


The day before Austin's Tasty Up Trailer Tour I went not to just Franklin Barbecue, but also The Texas Cuban Hot-Pressed Sandwiches. Though I do love my trailer food, I must admit this Cuban sandwich dinner was planned before I knew about Tasty Up.

The South Austin Veggie Soul sandwich at Texas Cuban was moderately tasty, but the plantain chips were where it's at. We didn't get the thin, crispy chips. Ours were latke-esque and deliciously and salty. I'm allergic to bananas, but not plantains. Could this be because they're more potato-y?


I had a great warm sandwich and plantain latke dinner in the cold with one of my favorite people, Colin Walsh. We met in Creative advertising class at UT. He was my favorite copywriter to work with--we worked really well together. He's one of those people who I don't see enough, but know that we're still close.

It was a successful Friday evening in my book.

My Cake-y Valentine

via Tina Phan

This year I am sending edible Valetines in cake pop form to my lovely friends who live far away. I hope they don't get crushed by USPS.

Friends who live far away: I promise they're still yummy if crushed, just not pretty. See images above and below for reference as to what they should have looked like.

I haven't made it to the post office yet, so they'll be coming a little late.

via Tina Phan

I love pink and hearts, so I went a little crazy this year pink, red, and hearts everywhere--sprinkles, cookies, cake pops. Love is in the air and more importantly, in my kitchen.

via Tina Phan

via Tina Phan

This dog (wolf) looks like he wants to play.

via Tina Phan

Big thanks to lil Phan for taking all these awesome photos of my cake pop Valentines.

Happy Valentine's Day. I heart sprinkles you.

V for Vermillion Cookies

V for Vermillion Cookies

This Monday marked Andrew Vermillion's 24th birthday.

I baked Vermillion velvet sandwich cookies with cream cheese frosting centers using Bakerella's recipe. It's a super easy recipe and a guaranteed hit at work parties. These cookies also make great Valentines if you don't have a Vermillion in your life. Thanks Bakerella.

My coworkers and I wore vermillion outfits. Though, some forgot - that's what happens over the weekend.

They remind me of these red velvet macarons my friend Sharon found at Williams Sonoma. Sadly, they're sold out.

Happy Birthday, Andrew Vermillion. I hope the first day of your 24th year was very...Vermillion.


My friend Dee's birthday was last month. Dee love love loves pandas. She wants to sit in a cage with them and watch them eat bamboo. It's
that kind of love. Dee is one of the most wonderful people I know. She's a fabulous mix of beautiful geeky fashionista, gamer, scifi-nerd, and best of all she's HILAROUS. You should follow her on twitter @deekgeek. You're really missing out if you're not.
Pandas looking outside
For Dee Day, I made Panda Cake Pops. Her sister Sam and I plotted to shower her with pandas on her 27th. Sam baked panda cupcakes and I made panda cake pops.
After much questing for ear shapes i ended up going with regular brown M&Ms. I made the eyes and noses with a candy writer which is really just a squeezable plastic bottle with a small pointed nozzle.
Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and white chocolate candy coating. They were a hit at Dog and Duck.

Happy Dee Day.

Exciting Happenings this Weekend

This weekend is going to be AWESOME. I'm so excited.

So, here are my five reasons:

1. Le Garage.
Cheap(er) boutique clothes, shoes, and home furnishings. You have to go. Wait, maybe you shouldn't go. That would mean less for me.

2. Austin Modern Home Tour
I am completely in love with modern architecture, and I want to own a modern home when I grow up (more).

3. Tweet Up
I'm having a tweet up with some of my favorite blogger friends/tweeps. I get to meet Michelle Cheng from Foodie is the New Forty and catch up with Sharon Chen from Sharon Loves This and Aimee Wenske from Aimee Wenske Photography or as I like to call her, Mia.

4. La Boîte.
Shipping container turned French-inspired cafe.

5. Macarons.
I've never had one. La Boite makes them. This weekend, victory is mine.

Edit:There may be a change in La Boîte plans due to expected 40 degree temperatures this weekend.