Giveaway: Ticket to Valentine Cake Ball and Cake Pop Class with Objects of Confection


After a successful Christmas Cake Pop class in December, Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic are teaming up again in February to bring you a Valentine's class that is sure to satisfy you and your sweetheart's sweettooth.

Each lovely participant will bring home a dozen cake balls for themselves or love(s) of their life.

When: 10 am Saturday, February 5 
Where: Community Renaissance Market
             6800 West Gate Blvd 
             Austin, TX 78745

To celebrate our lovely second class, I'm having a giveaway for one ticket to Saturday's class.

Here's what you have to do:

Comment on this blog post with what kind of Valentine cake pop you'd like to make and check one or both of the boxes that says: "Post comment to Facebook" or "Post comment to Twitter."

If you don't want to test your luck, you can still sign up here.

Photo by Tina Phan

Cupcakes and Gas Station Girl Date at Giovanni's Pizza

Last fall Sharon Love This and I had much-needed dessert catch-up dinner at Giovanni's Pizza Stand (inside the Valero gas station).

We had our priorities straight and ate dessert first. We left our respective workplaces and drove straight to Sugar Mama's Bakeshop where I was thankfully able to tweet at @SugarMamas to save me the last Great Pumpkin (pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake). When we got there, cupcakerie owner Olivia managed to find us another great pumpkin. Bonus greatness. It may not have been willing to share such deliciousness.

After our quest for the right gas station and ordering our pizzas, I introduced Sharon to Maine Root. She liked it. Not feeling overly adventurous, we stuck to root beer, though I did spy a pie flavor. Now I know where to get my late night Maine Root fix.

We stayed for 2 hours sitting on their barstools. The owners were giving us weird looks towards the end and a random creepy guy tried to scold us for not watching the UT baseball game. Hey, we were paying customers - just taking our time enjoying our root beers and pizza. As for the creepy guy, they're everywhere. Ick.

I miss that lady. I hope to see her next time she's in Austin.

Christmas Cake Pop Class Sneak Peek

kathy and santa cake pop

Last month Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic teamed up to teach a Christmas cake ball and cake pop workshop. We're happy to announce that it was a success (despite some bizarro background music) and there's a Valentine's class scheduled for February.


Photos by Aimee Wenske

Sweet-toothed students including blog followers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, a few friends, and some kids got their hands dirty (or rather, sugary) learning the ins and outs of cake ball how-to and cake pop decoration.

My good friend Aimee Wenske and my sister Tina Phan took pictures and some video.


Photo by Tina Phan

Fellow blogger and crafty friend Monica made some of the cutest cake balls. Her penguins are darling. Check Monica's food and craft blog Sugar Stitches.

Thanks Monica for the Cake Pop Decorating blog post.


See the little girl sneaking a bite of cake pop? I love it. Yum!

penguin cake pop

Photo by Aimee Wenske

This is a simple penguin of my own. I need to get used to wearing these blue gloves. Luckily, I found out I only need to wear them when touching students' cake pops and not my own. Manual dexterity increased a hundredfold!

I am the Michael Jackson of cake pops (one glove).

Thanks everyone for coming to our class! I can't wait to share more pictures.

PS Thanks to the red head for getting me the layer cake apron I'd blogged about for my first class. :)

Strawberry Shortcake: An Experiment in Food Styling and Photography

heart strawberry shortcake

This summer Leite's Culinaria ran a food photography contest on their recipe and food blog site. Aimee Wenske and I decided to team up and submit joint work. We had to use a recipe from the site, make the food, style the food, and then photograph it.

We went with this recipe for strawberry shortcake, a. because that's something we'd want to eat and b. we could easily assemble more if needed.

strawberry shortcake on bamboo plate

Luckily strawberries were in season, because we used a lot of them. Aimee's boyfriend Josh was a huge help not only baking the shortcakes, but making whipped cream, and cutting up dozens of strawberries. Thanks Josh!

Unfortunately, we didn't win, but we did end up with some more pieces for our portfolios. The pieces that did make it to the top five had a different aesthetic.

strawberry topped heart strawberry shortcake

I wish the stem was prettier on the strawberry on top.

Congratulations to the Leites Culinaria food photography contest winners. We'll try again next time.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich


via Tina Phan

I tried an ice cream sandwich from the Austin Coolhaus.

Blog followers know that I can't resist a dessert truck. This fairly new ice cream truck hails from Los Angeles. The Austin incarnation of Coolhaus is tucked away in East Austin, in the East Austin Trailer (E.A.T.) Park and Eatery across the park from The WonderCraft. Y'all know I love Wonder Craft. Check out my WonderCraft posts.

The treat: Mint ice cream with chocolate cookies.
The verdict: Yummy, but expensive at $4. Also, too much ice cream sandwich for one kathyphantastic.

This made me wish they offered half portions for $2.

Next time, I'll be getting the lemon ice cream with ginger cookies. This is what Tina Phan got. It's not that mine wasn't good, it was. It's that hers was amazing. Maybe we'll be able to share?