Austin Bakes for Japan Locations & Sneak Peek

The locations for the Austin Bakes for Japan Bake Sale have been announced.

Yes, Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic are donating Sanrio Keroppi Cake Pops to Austin Bakes for Japan. All proceeds will go to AmeriCares, a charity providing both medical and humanitarian aid to Japanese earthquake and tsunami survivors.

These Sanrio cake pops and other goodies from Objects of Confection, including 8 packs of cake balls, will be available at two locations:

Hotel San Jose
1511 South Congress Ave., 78704
On the grassy area at the entrance of the Hotel parking lot along South Congress

The Shops at Mira Vista
2785 Bee Cave Road, 78746
At the east part of the shopping center, between Keith Kristofer Salon and Spa and Collectic Home

Who's in for some Japanese cake pop cuteness for a cause? Kero Kero Keroppi is down.

More Macarons

via Tina Phan on
via Tina Phan on

Lil Phan and I had a pre-Austin Kite Festival macaron adventure - this time from La Patisserie.

The bakery was really cute and included a room with a little nursery. A lovely paper birdie banner hung from the ceiling.

But back to the baked goods:

We ordered 12 (!) macarons from La Patisserie's macaron boutique and a pain au chocolat each. I had fun styling and stacking the macarons in different colorways, but Lil Phan only shared these two shots.

Oh yeah, my fave macaron? Caramel.


Cake Pops for a Cause - Austin Bakes for Japan

kathyphantastic and Objects of Confection will be baking together for victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan.

Our cake pops will be some of many treats from Austin food bloggers, foodies, and local businesses partipating in Austin Bakes for Japan, fundraising for Americares.

Please mark your calendars for baked goods for a good cause April 2nd. For more information (and which baked goods to expect), follow @austinbakes on Twitter. I'll be posting a few updates on my blog, too.

If you're an Austinite who's interested in baking or volunteering for Austin Bakes for Japan email the organizer.

If you'd like to give now and don't want any baked goods in return. Give online to Austin Bakes for Japan.

We're really glad for the opportunity to bake for a cause with others in the Austin food blog community.

SXSWi 2011 Sketchnotes - So I Started a Food Blog

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Panel: So I Started a Food Blog

Presenter: Molly Wizenberg of Orangette 
Moderator: Emily Farris of Casserole Crazy

Orangette always makes me smile. Orangette was the first food blog I started following years ago. This Monday, I had the opportunity to see her speak at SXSWi.

Molly is not only a blogger, but also a freelance food writer, author of A Homemade Life, and owner of Delancey restaurant in Seattle. The lessons from Molly's talk contrasted with TECHmunch, a food blogger conference which I also attended for work and life. More on TECHmunch in a later post...

Molly focused on why we blog and the story behind the food. I hope my notes help you understand the feel of her talk.

Just in case you're wondering, here's my favorite recipe from Orangette's blog: Chickpea Salad with and Lemon Parmesan. It's super simple, just make sure you buy the best ingredients.


I had the pleasure of going to brunch with one of my best friends, Phuong at Macondo Bistro in Houston last November. She's not always this emo-looking, I promise, I just liked this photo. After a weekend of bridesmaid dress shopping for her double wedding extravaganza (more on this later) we were pretty tired and we chose something close to her house.

By double wedding, I don't mean she's getting married simultaneously with another couple, and I certainly don't mean it's like that Mowry sisters Lifetime movie. She's having not one wedding, but two - to the same dude, too. She was a wedding planner for a while and is now a florist with her own little studio called Mi Bella Rosa. Two weddings means twice the awesome flowers, right?

It was one of those breakfasts where the company was more memorable than the food, so I'm struggling to recall the particulars of the meal itself.

I had an omelette with black beans and hashbrowns with a chai latte, while Phuong had the sausage, scrambled eggs, and plantains. I remember it being decent, but it was really more about hanging out with a good friend than anything else.

Oh yeah, Macondo is next to this joint. Remember Spaghetti Warehouse? Is anyone else amused by the fact that they own

Vegetarian Spring Rolls at Tam Deli

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Some co-workers and I went out for our first lunch adventure last week.

After a failed attempt at Sunflower - my fave Vietnamese restaurant in ATX (closed due to a power outage), we headed over to Tam Deli for banh mi.

I was carrying my DSLR (this time) for some photos I need to shoot of a work event later that night. When my veggie spring rolls appeared, I wanted to take a picture for the kathyphantastic blog.

The new co-workers were astonished by my ridiculous camera toting antics. Well, they'll just have to get used to it. For now, they think I'm a freak.

The co-workers asked if I was going to take a picture of my veggie banh mi. I assured them there was already a Tam Deli Banh Mi Pick Me Up post, and I'd put away my camera for the rest of lunch.

As for the spring rolls, I liked them, but they had some of that fake Chinese sausage taste. I've never been a big fan of faux meat with semi real meat taste - especially when it's Chinese. Some vegetarians love that stuff. Next time, I'll see if they can roll some for me without the faux sausage.

Both Meagan and Nick enjoyed their 10B (lemongrass beef) sandwiches - this seems to be a trend with people who have worked with me. Meagan also had the shrimp spring rolls, while Nick had a sweet rice and banana dessert dipped in sweet coconut milk. My hands were too full of banh mi to get a picture of that. Meagan and Nick each left Tam with a handful of cream puffs. Nick proclaimed that it would be the first of many banh mis for him. Banh mi win.