"Mister Tramps"

fist bump + florent

Something called "Mister Tramps" has popped up near my work. This immediately peaked my interest. Who is Mr. Tramp and what could go on inside this "European Sports Pub & Cafe" located strangely close to a Super Target and Asian shopping center? I had to investigate. Over a month of not-so-vigorous planning, I decided I would force my co-workers to come with me for a happy hour at Mister Tramps. Strength in numbers. Strength in numbers.

sometimes my friends blur the lines

So, last Wednesday, it happened. We went to Mister Tramps. There were a lot of beers on tap and good company. We'll be back.


Overall, Mister Tramps is less trampy than you'd think. I'm still a little uneasy about the name.