Sharon Loves These Hello Kitty Cake Pops


So you guys know my friend Sharon, right? Sharon Loves This?

Well, she's getting married this weekend. And I made her these Hello Kitty cake pops for her bachelorette party (which was really a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant, Vespaio. Sounds like my kind of party.)

red bow hello kitty cake pop

All the girls were enamored by the cake pops. Success! I'll post some pictures from Sharon's bachelorette party at a later date.

I used Bakerella's Hello Kitty cake pop tutorial and adapted the bow. I went with a little pink confetti sprinkle as the middle instead of an M&M mini. The flatness of the sprinkle was definitely easier to adhere to Hello Kitty's cake pop head.

hello kitty cake pops in progress

finished hello kitties

I swear, I almost died from cuteness while I was making these.

top down hello kitty cake pops

I even made a her a personalized cake pop stand.

hello kitty cake pop bite

I'm going to go ahead and say Sharon Loved This.

Robots for Flobot

two bots hanging out on a ledge

My silly birthday celebration ideas tend to get passed at work.

We decorated Florent's decor-free desk with Play-doh sculptures in his honor. There was a time when he borrowed other co-workers' desk decor to seem more like a "real employee." Florent took a framed baby picture and pretended it was his child. Happy Birthday Florent! You get your own desk sculptures.

dehumidifier and buddha

There's a theory that he's actually a robot from France. This should explain all the robot sculptures.


Some sculptures were better than others.


It's great how much happiness $2 worth* of Play-doh can bring.

*Note: Play-doh was 75% off after Valentine's Day.

robots & mexican martini

That thing on the tofu robot that looks kinda like an anatomical heart is actually a habanero. You do remember Florent eating habaneros, don't you?

tofubot takes a seat

Sharon Loves This Bridal Shower

Sharon & Megan

My friend Sharon is getting married.

Last weekend was her bridal shower. There were lots of Asian ladies at her shower (friends of her mom). Here's a picture of Sharon (and Kyle) with the Asian ladies.

Sharon Kyle & Asian Ladies

There were actually so many ladies, I couldn't fit them into the frame. Sorry other ladies!

Here's Sharon with Ade, a mutual friend who introduced us long before Sharon started her blog. It was after the blog, that we decided we're kinda the same person.

Sharon & Ade

I fully support wedding registries so couples can get what they actually want. But, I broke the rules and made her gift.


Here it is:

sharon + kyle

Customized appetizer plates!

You can make your own customized plates, too. Here's my tutorial in case you want some guidance.

sharon and kyle face plates
custom lettered plates

I had fun drawing for her. I hope she uses them in her new house.

Sick Day

Cover Your Cough stitch pattern by stitchdutchess on Etsy, $4.50

Lungs in a Jar by yourorgangrinder on Etsy, $18. Jar not pictured

I feel icky. I actually felt ickier last week, but went to work anyway because my vacation and sick days are one in the same and there are very few of them. Bad decision. I didn't get much rest this weekend and have a really gross sounding cough. So, I'm taking my sick day today and getting some rest.

Cute pocket tissue holders in pretty patterned fabrics will brighten a sick friend (like kathy phantastic)'s day.

Cheerful Pocket Tissue Holder NEW by LAMdesigns on Etsy, $9.38

I love the colorful buttons.

Enchanted Forest Pocket Tissue Holder by linascorner on Etsy, $5.50

Travel or Pocket Tissue Holder/Cozy by jennadesigns on Etsy, $8.00

My Cake-y Valentine

via Tina Phan

This year I am sending edible Valetines in cake pop form to my lovely friends who live far away. I hope they don't get crushed by USPS.

Friends who live far away: I promise they're still yummy if crushed, just not pretty. See images above and below for reference as to what they should have looked like.

I haven't made it to the post office yet, so they'll be coming a little late.

via Tina Phan

I love pink and hearts, so I went a little crazy this year pink, red, and hearts everywhere--sprinkles, cookies, cake pops. Love is in the air and more importantly, in my kitchen.

via Tina Phan

via Tina Phan

This dog (wolf) looks like he wants to play.

via Tina Phan

Big thanks to lil Phan for taking all these awesome photos of my cake pop Valentines.

Happy Valentine's Day. I heart sprinkles you.


via katep

via itsbeautiful

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30. I've always been terrified of the pictures of teeth at dentists' offices. These teeth are kinda cute. Nerves print by katep on Etsy. Pearly White sterling silver molar and freshwater pearl necklace by itsbeautiful on Etsy, $30

Have you seen this beautiful Official Tooth Fairy Set? I wish my tooth fairy used letterpress. You can buy it at the Office of the Tooth Fairy for $16. Is $16 more or less than what goes under the pillow?