You Can't Give Me a You're Fired Banner, I Give You An I Quit Banner

you're fired banner 3 990263452_dsc_1089

New on kathyphantastic Etsy: you can't give me a "you're fired" banner, I give you an "I quit" banner.

After hearing all those quitting stories - Whiteboard girl, JetBlue guy, and the sweetest way so far, resignation cake, you could put in your two weeks with an I Quit banner.


Here's to the abrupt end of your choosing.

you're fired banner 1

You're Fired Banner, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $27

I Quit Banner, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $25

Thanks to Aimee Wenske for taking these pictures and for blogging about these banners.

Welcome kathyphantastic on Etsy

welcome banner

Hello everyone! I'm excited to finally announce that I've launched my Etsy store!

I've been working patiently and sometimes impatiently over the past few months on starting my own tiny business. I've been crafting, styling, writing, and doing a lot of paperwork. I'd like to give a huge thank you to Aimee Wenske for helping me with photography, Colin Walsh for editing my copy, and Chris Cain for general support and assistance.

Whenever you have a few minutes, please stop by kathyphantastic on Etsy.

Here are few examples of what you'll find:

bon voyage 2 banner yeah baby banner

Yeah Baby! I'm selling Paper banners and garlands for celebrations.

I made my first sale last week, before announcing my launch. I was so incredibly excited that a stranger wanted to buy something I made. My first sale was to Cora in Nevada. She bought the Bon Voyage Banner. Thank you so much Cora.

IMG_9542 IMG_9554

Custom hand drawn plates (pictures NOT by Aimee Wenske, but expect some new photos soon). These plates were made for my friend Jessica's bridal shower.

I'll be adding a product a day this week, so check back to see what else I've got crafting.

My Oh My Pumpkin Pie!

One of my favorite things about fall is pumpkin-based food. Pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin soup, pumpkin ice cream...and now felt pumpkin pie.

I almost passed out from cuteness when I saw this felt pumpkin pie by BeckyM on Etsy.

Here are some of my other non-pumpkin-based felt food favorites by BeckyM.

Big Breakfast

Just in time for the State Fair of Texas: felt corndog

Felt black and white cookies

Pop Tarts

Her creations would be great for a play kitchen. Shop her wonderfully felted BeckyM Etsy store and read her equally felted blog All In One Day's Time.

Do you have a food item you want to turn into felt?

Felt Pumpkin Pie, BeckyM on Etsy, $8 per slice.

Today I Love: Honey Pie Design's Pillows

One of my long-time favorite blogs - I've been following this one for over 3 years - Made by Girl just featured Honey Pie Design.

I enamored with these adorable pillows.

Added bonus: Honey Pie uses recycled felt.

Buy your own at Honey Pie Design's Etsy store. Which one's your favorite?

I need to post about Made by Girl some time. She's amazing and I've had a hard time deciding what to post.

Today I Love: Ice Cream Pinata

Look at what I found on Black*Eiffel! Can I keep it?

I love how it's made with hot pink crepe paper and coffee filters. The ruffles bring an elegance usually not found with fringy tissue paper.

I would fill this baby with ice cream flavored candy and mini ice cream shaped erasers.

What do you like to fill your pinatas with?

Living fairly close to several of Austin's pinata stores - YES there are pinata stores here - I might never make one of these ice cream cone pinatas. However, if you'd like to have a try, check Simply Modern Mom's tutorial.

The Art of Gaman


Last weekend, the redhead, my sister and I took a mini-vacation to Washington, D.C. We were all in desperate need of an adventure.

I'll start with my favorite adventure from the trip: The Renwick Gallery.

The Renwick Gallery is part of the Smithsonian Institution Museums and features Arts and Crafts. If you've read some of my past posts, you'll already know that I love arts and crafts.

The temporary exhibit downstairs featured the work of Japanese Americans during internment. This really resonated with my passion for Asian American Studies and my love for arts and crafts. But the sad truth is that my favorite adventure wasn't a very happy one.

During World War II (starting in 1942 but actually stretching into 1946), nearly 110,000 Japanese Americans, the majority of whom were U.S. citizens by birth, were taken from their homes and forced into hastily-builty camps across the U.S. United States History classes often skim over internment, it often barely garners a mention. After the war, many Japanese Americans did not ask for reparations because, despite the shamefulness of the situation, it was better relative to that of the European Jews and other Holocaust victims.

In The Art of Gaman: Arts and Crafts from the Japanese American Internment Camps, 1942-1946 displays of carefully crafted furniture, drawings, intricate bird pins, dolls, clothing, hair pins, sat in glass cases and hung from walls. These objects were often found locked away in attics for decades along with the memories of internment. It was both awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching to see the subjects I've studied in school expressed and documented through art in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in this exhibit.

What I found fascinating is what the internees did with their time when they were displaced and the future was extremely uncertain and bleak. They toiled away because they had nothing else to do, and the outcome was these amazing works of art. What might you do with your time if you were sent away and uncertain to ever return?

I highly recommend seeing this exhibit if you get the chance to go to Washington, D.C. this fall or winter. The Art of Gaman is at the Renwick until January 30, 2011.

Here are some pictures from the "happier" 2nd floor of the Renwick, which did allow photography.

IMG_0156 IMG_0148

Photos by Tina Phan

Today I Love: We Heart Pabst Cupcake Toppers

I found these hipster cupcake toppers on today. You need to check out Badder Homes and Gardens by the way. Those ladies are HILARIOUS. I haven't had a chance to blog about them but they sure deserve a post.

These not so happy We Heart Pabst cupcake toppers are by matesrubbish from Portland.

We Heart Pabst Cupcake Toppers, matesrubbish on Etsy, $20

They also make non hipster cupcake toppers.

For example, here are some Asian girls.

and Sir Archibald, an admiral

Friend Friday: Sweet Dessert Magnets by Micah Lanning Porter

micah magnets donut

I'm starting a new segment called Friend Friday in which I will feature a friend and something awesome that friend does on some Fridays.

For this first Friend Friday I'm featuring Micah Lanning Porter, an old friend. Micah and I have been friends since middle school(!). I once made her husband James alien cake pops.


Micah gave me these sweet dessert magnets for my birthday this year. I love love love them. They are so cute I almost couldn't wait for Friend Friday. I almost posted last Saturday right after I received them. But Friend Friday sounds so much better than friend Saturday. It's the alliteration that makes it.

cupcake magnet

Years ago she gave me veggie magnets. I guess she wanted to balance out the healthy with sugar.


I'm using my doughnut magnet to hold up my Gourdough's menu. Brilliant!

Micah is a very talented lady. She just bought a kiln and says she's going to start an Etsy store soon. I wonder if I can commission a cake pop magnet. Micah, are you listening? Her magnets would make such cute stocking stuffers around the holidays.


Here's Micah's blog My Attempts at Cleverness. She even posted about me once.

Thanks Micah, I love you!