Long Distance Love

I'm glad that my Valentine and I live in the same city.

For those of you with half of your heart across borders these postcards by Rar Rar Press will pull those heartstrings closer.

You can have Rar Rar Press stamp your cities or buy a set and stamp them yourself (for really nomadic couples). They have a complete North America version in addition to the United States. Go NAFTA...or something.

It's Really Not That Far Postcard, rarrarpress on Etsy, $3
It's Really Not That Far Postcard Set, rarrarpress on Etsy, $30
It's Really Not That Far North America Postcard, rarrarpress on Etsy, $3

Honey Bear the Pomeranian Dog Mug


Honey Bear actually isn't a bear at all - Honey Bear is a fluffy little pomeranian. He's one of the many pups (and kitties) I drew in December.

Original photo:


Do you want your dog, cat, or chinchilla drawn on a mug? My kathyphantastic Etsy is back from vacation mode and I'm selling custom personalized pet mugs once again. Check them out: dog mug and cat mug. They make great Valentine's Day gifts for your fave pet lover or yourself.

Cat Lovers Have Spoken, Their Meows Have Been Heard

apple mug

That's right. Cat lovers have spoken, their meows have been heard.

Some feline-centric fans saw my custom dog portrait coffee mugs and inquired on my plans to offer a custom cat portrait mugs. I expedited their request to prevent any fur warfare. Custom cat portrait mugs are now available on the kathyphantastic Etsy store.

My talented graphic designer friend and closeted crazy lady, Nathalie was kind enough to let me practice drawing cat mugs with her three cats.

Original photo:


Some of her kitties have Spanish names while others have English names. Mr. T was my favorite name, but Apple was the chosen one. I wonder if Apple is responsive to "manzana?"

apple the cat mug

Custom Personalized Kitty Cat Portrait Mug, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $42

meow mallows

A huge thanks once again to Aimee Wenske for photographing this pet mug and all my other Etsy products.

Nathalie should be receiving her holiday gift soon. I'm pretty sure each sip of coffee is going to make her giggle.

Crazy cat ladies unite! Cat mug prayers are answered! (kathyphantastic not included)

New on Etsy: Custom Dog Portrait Mug

shipley dog mug with cocoa

Here's my first attempt at a custom puppy mug. I tested the dog portrait idea on my friend Christine's dog Shipley. Christine is getting this mug as her Christmas present. She already knows and subscribes to my blog, so no surprises there.

Here's the original photo:


Here's my mug version:

shipley dog mug with astroturf

Just for fun, we added astroturf for texture.

shipley dog mug

Thanks to my fabulous friend and photographer Aimee Wenske for taking these pictures for my kathyphantastic Etsy store.

Custom Personalized Dog Portrait Mug, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $42

shipley dog mug with cocoa and woof marshmallows

Woof is right. More doggie mugs to come.

FYI I drank all that hot chocolate and probably ate all those marshmallows today.

Today I Love: Make Your Own Mustache Mix

via whiskerworks etsy.com photo by Betsy Limbaugh Photography

I am loving these mustaches from Whisker Works. Mix and match your own mustaches, yes please.

By the way, the redhead is growing a beard out of laziness these days. Does anyone make mix and match red (orange) beards? Sounds like a custom order.

Make Your Own Mustache Mix, Whisker Works on Etsy, $40

Happy end of Movember. Here are some of my other favorites:

Over the Hill Party, Whisker Works on Etsy, $40

via etsy.com

The Classy Couple, Whisker Works on Etsy, $40