Paycheee's Pineapple Cake Pops

diagonal pineapple cake pops

To celebrate her 26th, my super sporty friend Paycheee did not have a sports party - instead, she threw herself a suburban luau. No self-respecting luau is complete without tropical themed cake pops.

paycheee pineapples

I wanted to make a roasted pig cake pop or two, but the test pops turned out to be cake (pop) wrecks. They were so ugly that I had to go with pineapples.

5 pineapple cake pops

The pineapple cake pops were a touchdown (I mean, hit) and I think they went perfectly with the coconut bras and plastic leis. A lot of birthday partygoers didn't realize what they were. But they had already been drinking for hours...

vertical pineapple cake pops

Happy Birthday Paycheee!

paycheee pops

Today I Love: We Heart Pabst Cupcake Toppers

I found these hipster cupcake toppers on today. You need to check out Badder Homes and Gardens by the way. Those ladies are HILARIOUS. I haven't had a chance to blog about them but they sure deserve a post.

These not so happy We Heart Pabst cupcake toppers are by matesrubbish from Portland.

We Heart Pabst Cupcake Toppers, matesrubbish on Etsy, $20

They also make non hipster cupcake toppers.

For example, here are some Asian girls.

and Sir Archibald, an admiral

Farm Animal Cake Pops


I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat animals, but I will eat animal cake pops (and Animal pops!). I never liked that "Do vegetarians eat animal crackers" joke. When it comes to cake pops, yes, yes we do eat animal cake pops.

chicken bite


Fabulous photographer Aimee Wenske and I teamed up for some fun cake pop pictures. This time, we added a chalkboard.



Eek bloody red velvet beef. I guess this guy is rare.


The pigs were our favorite pops.


Here's the pig cake pop from as seen from a bird cake pop's eye view.

Photos by Aimee Wenske

United States Cake for July 4th


I made a United States cake slice for lil Phan when she came back this 4th of July weekend.

Lucky for me I had already baked a cake. She randomly came to Austin last minute.

Happy July 4th everyone. And Happy Birthday America.

USA Cake

The heart is for Texas.

Photos by Tina Phan

Sharon Loves These Hello Kitty Cake Pops


So you guys know my friend Sharon, right? Sharon Loves This?

Well, she's getting married this weekend. And I made her these Hello Kitty cake pops for her bachelorette party (which was really a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant, Vespaio. Sounds like my kind of party.)

red bow hello kitty cake pop

All the girls were enamored by the cake pops. Success! I'll post some pictures from Sharon's bachelorette party at a later date.

I used Bakerella's Hello Kitty cake pop tutorial and adapted the bow. I went with a little pink confetti sprinkle as the middle instead of an M&M mini. The flatness of the sprinkle was definitely easier to adhere to Hello Kitty's cake pop head.

hello kitty cake pops in progress

finished hello kitties

I swear, I almost died from cuteness while I was making these.

top down hello kitty cake pops

I even made a her a personalized cake pop stand.

hello kitty cake pop bite

I'm going to go ahead and say Sharon Loved This.

Nicole and Reese Bride and Groom Cake Pops

Nicole Hearts Reese Cake Pops

Photos by Tina Phan

The redhead’s Aggie cousin, Reese, got married a few weeks ago in College Station. I planned on making a few bride and groom cake pops for the wedding, but strange things happened and the cake plans were popped.

At the family Easter gathering (when the Easter cake pops article had just "dropped") Nicole’s, the fiancee's, dad said it would be fun if I could make Reese and Nicole pops. I wholeheartedly agreed. What better way to celebrate a marriage than by eating a cake pop of the bride and groom’s face? I'm pretty sure that's a ritual in some culture - and if not, perhaps it should be.

Faceless Reese Cake Pop Faceless Nicole Cake Pop

For their wedding rehearsal dinner, I crafted them each a cake pop portrait. Due to extreme Texas heat compounded by my own forgetfulness (I left the pops in a car) the cake pops melted into a mushy mess.

Chris said that Reese looked a little too much like Bobby Hill anyway (pre-melt).

Bride (with Pearls) and Groom Cake Pops

I told Nicole’s mom that I would re-make the portrait pops. And though I couldn’t get it done for the wedding, I still kept my end of the promise - a little late.

Faceless Nicole and Reese Cake Pops

I used Facebook for research on facial structure. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

Looking for Facebook Picture Inspiration

Nicole’s head is a little bigger than than I hoped. Sorry Nicole. I hope you still like your bride cake pop.

Reese and Nicole Cake Pop Kiss

Here’s to Reese and Nicole. Non-cake pop pictures from the wedding to follow.

Alphabet and Rosemary Cheddar Crackers

I need to make these rosemary and cheddar crackers from The Cooking of Joy. They're supposed to be like goldfish, but better. I love goldfish (original cheddar, none of that xtreme pizza flavor blast stuff).

She made cute letters out of alphabet fondant cutters. Very cute.

Here are some non alphabet-shaped crackers. They look less cute, though more yummy.

Animal (the Muppet) and Drum Set Cake Pops

animal drums cake pops

My friend Eric is a drummer. Sometimes he drums for City of Ships.

animal cake pops

Naturally, I wanted to make drum cake pops for his birthday. At first I thought I might make single drums. After a while I remembered that when I asked to borrow some drumsticks (see Roussos post and scroll to the end) he asked if I was going to be Animal. Lightbulb moment, I could make him an Animal Muppet cake pop with a cake pop drum set. Jim Henson inspired cake pop magic ensued.

animal drum set cake pops

I asked Monica, his super cute and crafty girlfriend, about his favorite flavor of cake. She named a few faves--I went with German Chocolate. The redhead and lil Phan got to eat some of the uglies and they both think German chocolate cake pops are the best flavor. I think it has something to do with the texture of coconut pecan frosting.

Eric related shout out: Eric's mom Amy makes super yummy treats. I love the days when Eric has extras and hands ones over to me. Amy's blog is yumtastic.

Lots of blogger ladies in his life. A sign of a good guy? I think so.

Animal vs. Buddy Rich in a drum-off.

These photos were taken by lil Phan aka Tina Phan Photography. Thanks lil Phan.