Bride and Groom Cake Ball Wedding Cake Topper

photos by Aimee Wenske

kathyphantastic and Objects of Confection were recently commissioned for a cake ball wedding cake topper (and subsequent wedding cake - the ceramic wedding cake is just for show)

The cake ball bride and groom turned out so cute, we've decided to add them to our wedding dessert offerings.

We'll customize the wedding dress and suit or tux to match the bride and groom. Pearls, rhinestones, fascinators, bow ties, boutonnières, we'll make it happen.

And if the sweet couple would like to be joined by a pet or three, we'll do that, too. We could even add a zoo.

Here's the newly-hitched husband and wife with their little cake ball pug.

We're happy to work with brides-to-be and grooms-to-be.

We'd love to make some more groom toppers.

cake toppers and styling by kathyphantastic
cake balls by Objects of Confection
photos by Aimee Wenske

Today I Love: An Ice Cream Parlour Wedding

It reached over 100 degrees in Austin, Texas today. One of the things that always makes hot days better - in addition to lemonade, sweet tea vodka (Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, specifically), and you know, air conditioning - is ice cream.

I've had weddings on the mind lately, one of my best friends is getting married soon, and I'll be helping style her wedding. If she were getting married in the summer, I'd try to convince her to add ice cream.

What a great (and affordable) way to let guests customize a wedding experience. I am completely in love with the calligraphy on this chalkboard and how this ice cream reception looks incredibly luxurious.

Today I Love: Letitia Buchan Hand Drawn Invitations

My best friend Phuong brought these lovely hand drawn invitations by illustrator Letitia Buchan to my attention the other weekend. Don't you think they're beautiful?

I do.

PS Phuong has recently started a blog about her floral designs and event planning. Check her out at Mi Bella Rosa. She wrote the sweetest post about me. I feel so loved.

PPS You might remember Phuong from her birthday post

Nicole and Reese Bride and Groom Cake Pops

Nicole Hearts Reese Cake Pops

Photos by Tina Phan

The redhead’s Aggie cousin, Reese, got married a few weeks ago in College Station. I planned on making a few bride and groom cake pops for the wedding, but strange things happened and the cake plans were popped.

At the family Easter gathering (when the Easter cake pops article had just "dropped") Nicole’s, the fiancee's, dad said it would be fun if I could make Reese and Nicole pops. I wholeheartedly agreed. What better way to celebrate a marriage than by eating a cake pop of the bride and groom’s face? I'm pretty sure that's a ritual in some culture - and if not, perhaps it should be.

Faceless Reese Cake Pop Faceless Nicole Cake Pop

For their wedding rehearsal dinner, I crafted them each a cake pop portrait. Due to extreme Texas heat compounded by my own forgetfulness (I left the pops in a car) the cake pops melted into a mushy mess.

Chris said that Reese looked a little too much like Bobby Hill anyway (pre-melt).

Bride (with Pearls) and Groom Cake Pops

I told Nicole’s mom that I would re-make the portrait pops. And though I couldn’t get it done for the wedding, I still kept my end of the promise - a little late.

Faceless Nicole and Reese Cake Pops

I used Facebook for research on facial structure. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

Looking for Facebook Picture Inspiration

Nicole’s head is a little bigger than than I hoped. Sorry Nicole. I hope you still like your bride cake pop.

Reese and Nicole Cake Pop Kiss

Here’s to Reese and Nicole. Non-cake pop pictures from the wedding to follow.