Counter Culture Vegan Food Trailer

The redhead and I went on an adventure last Sunday. Our final stop was Counter Culture Vegan & Raw Food trailer. This trailer is quite far from the other trailers located mostly in South Austin. BUT it's vegan. Which means I can eat anything that doesn't involve avocados or bananas.

Starfruit BBQ

I had the Jackfruit BBQ with a Pac-Man Caesar on the side. The Jackfruit BBQ was really different, kinda sour. I like sour so that's good. The Pac-Man Caesar - kale and Pac-Man shaped carrots with gluten free dressing - was really good. Next time, I'm just going to get a big Pac-Man Caesar.

Redhead got the daily special - it involved soysage, spicy mustard, and sauerkraut. He said it was okay for non meat.