Today I Want: Hello Sunshine Straw Hat

This hat would be perfect for my best friend's upcoming beach wedding and much needed little beach vacation. But...the $95 price tag is too steep.

There's a Kate Spade friends and family sale this weekend, but $71.25 is still more than I'm willing to spend (then there's the shipping and tax). If it were closer to $50, this guy would be sitting in my suitcase ready to hear the "I do's."

Hello Sunshine Straw Hat, Kate Spade, $95

Today I Love/Want: Heart of Gold Ring

I'm in love love love with this Heart of Gold white topaz and gold ring by One Garnet Girl on Etsy. The ring also comes in rose gold, but I'd go with yellow on this one.

This would be the perfect Valentine's gift from a dude who has some cash to spare.

Oh, I mean this would be the second best Valentine's Day gift. Second only to cake balls and cake pops made at my and Objects of Confection's upcoming Valentine's cake pop workshop on February 5th. ;)

Heart of Gold ring, One Garnet Girl on Etsy, $488