Today I Love/Want: Heart of Gold Ring

I'm in love love love with this Heart of Gold white topaz and gold ring by One Garnet Girl on Etsy. The ring also comes in rose gold, but I'd go with yellow on this one.

This would be the perfect Valentine's gift from a dude who has some cash to spare.

Oh, I mean this would be the second best Valentine's Day gift. Second only to cake balls and cake pops made at my and Objects of Confection's upcoming Valentine's cake pop workshop on February 5th. ;)

Heart of Gold ring, One Garnet Girl on Etsy, $488

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Some might argue that it never gets cold in Texas. Well, I'm a cold wimp and the past few days have been super cold to me.

I'm loving these cold weather hats by Kate Spade.

The peppermint striped details on the Brrr hat are genius. So are these peppermint ear muffs.

Hello Goodbye is my favorite. What's yours?

Feel free to read this post while listening to Hello Goodbye

Hello Goodbye, Kate Spade, $75

Ski Goggle Hat, Kate Spade, $75 - Kate Spade called this the Ski Google Hat, I'm not sure if that's tongue in cheek or a typo

Brrr Ski Hat, Kate Spade, $75

Today I Love: Make Your Own Mustache Mix

via whiskerworks photo by Betsy Limbaugh Photography

I am loving these mustaches from Whisker Works. Mix and match your own mustaches, yes please.

By the way, the redhead is growing a beard out of laziness these days. Does anyone make mix and match red (orange) beards? Sounds like a custom order.

Make Your Own Mustache Mix, Whisker Works on Etsy, $40

Happy end of Movember. Here are some of my other favorites:

Over the Hill Party, Whisker Works on Etsy, $40


The Classy Couple, Whisker Works on Etsy, $40