Today I Love: Mrs. Johnson's Donuts (and other doughnuts)

Happy National Donut Day. Lil Phan bought a bunch of donuts from Mrs. Johnson's Bakery to share! Ever since the redhead and I took her there the other week, she's been looking for excuses to go. The promise of Rapture was a really popular one a 2 weeks ago. I'm glad it's National Donut Day as donuts make a sweet ending to a mostly bad day.

Here's an old post on Gourdough's doughnut trailer.

AND another picture from Lil Phan taken at Doughnut Plant in NYC. Unfortunately, I haven't been there in 3 years.

If you click through on that picture, you'll see it's part of the "Donut Whores" flickr pool. Really?!

So what's the verdict: what's your favorite donut, and do you call them donuts or doughnuts?

Today I Love: Cookieboy

I'm kinda obsessed with Cookieboy right now. Cookieboy is a Japanese artist who has chosen cookies as his medium.

Would you say cake pops are mine?

kathyphantastic Secret: I considered submitting cake pops to a call for new and emerging artists' entries New Art in Austin exhibit at Austin Museum of Art last year. Too bad I didn't have enough time to get everything ready.

PS Don't forget to check out the Cookieboy blog. I'm Japanese illiterate, but I'm in love with the cookie necklaces.

Meanwhile, here's my cookie boy:

Today I Love: Laura George Holding Hands Print

I've hadn't thought about this until today. You'd have 6 more hands to hold if you became an octopus.

Hands, tentacles, same difference (except for those creepy suction cups).

Holding Hands Print, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Oh, and I love a bunch of Laura's other prints, too. I kinda want to go to Chicago to meet Laura George and make her my new best friend.

Here goes:

We are Intellectuals, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

It's Hard to Be a Person, Laura George on Etsy, $15.

Hungry Hairbeast Friends, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Skyfall, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Things I'm Thankful For, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Check out all of Laura George's illustrations on her Etsy store and blog.

Today I Love: Purl Bee's Ties

My friend Ana from My Ten shared these gorgeous patterned ties by The Purl Bee with me over chat. I am smitten.

Wouldn't these be great for a wedding? Or a co-ed* tea party? I vote for choice B.

Now I want to have a co-ed* tea party. Who's in?

Make your own patterned tie for kathyphantastic's tea party with The Purl Bee's tie tutorial.

*in my mind, tea parties are "no boys allowed" but I'm willing to change that...just this once.

Today I Love: Tote Bag Book

I love canvas tote bags, but maybe not as much as this guy.

Jitesh Patel loves tote bags so much, he made this book rightfully named Tote Bag Book.

Tote Bag Book by Jitesh Patel designed by Jai Studio, Jitesh Patel, £19,99. Hey, when you get a second can you convert that for me?