Big News

Hello? Anybody there? It's been a long time, I definitely didn't keep my end of the promise about posting more often.

I've been busy, but I'm always busy, so I guess that's not a good excuse. Shout out to patient reader Allison who kindly reminded me to post this weekend.

I hope you'll welcome my return, because I've got BIG news. In August, the redhead asked me to marry him. Well, he brought me up a mountain and gave me a ring, and forgot to ask me to marry him, but I reminded him...

It all happened at Grand View Park. You might remember this photo:

There's a lot of backstory about him asking for my parents' permission via traditional Vietnamese means (including cognac) and flying all the way to NYC to see my prospective engagement ring in person(!!!) at Anna Sheffield with my friend Katy.

I said yes, and then I was so excited, I stole this French bulldog. His name is Butch.

Photos by Tina Phan, who he secretly flew to San Francisco and had hiding on that mountain.


1/6 coconut cream tart

Photo by Tina Phan

Some of my friends were lucky enough to eat at Tartine Bakery and Cafe in San Francisco last week on my recommendation. I am quite envious of their adventures in gluttony.


Photo by Tina Phan

A few weeks ago I read Shelley's blog post on Tartine and knew mine was long overdue--6 months overdue. I think I should be fined.

Tartine Bakery Case

Last winter, I was lucky to taste what turned out to be my favorite restaurant (bakery) in San Francisco. I wanted to try ALL of their pastries everything in the case looked so incredibly delicious: golden browns, yellows, rich chocolates, fluffy white meringue, slivered almonds, and dustings of powdered sugars. Yum.


Photo by Tina Phan

It was brunchtime on a cold and drizzly day. I knew I needed something warm in my stomach before moving on to pastries. I got the fromage croque monsieur--an open faced sandwich on Tartine's bread with a melty mixture of lots of different cheeses. The menu tells me it's béchamel, gruyere, and fromage blanc seasoned with thyme and pepper and with some tomatoes in the mix. Served HOT.


Photo by Tina Phan

Look at the steam.


The sandwiches came with these cute pickled carrots on the side. I only like pickled carrots with Vietnamese food, so I thought they were better for picture taking.

Coconut cream pie

Photo by Tina Phan

Lil Phan skipped the "meal" and went straight for the pastries. She had an incredible coconut cream tart. BEST COCONUT CREAM PIE (tart) EVER. I've been dreaming about this coconut cream yum off and on for months.


Coconut cream was so good she went back and bought the banana cream version for the plane ride back to Texas.

There's even a Tartine cookbook Shelley says it's one of her favorites. I'll have to trust her on this, after all, she's the one who went to pastry school. I just make cake pops.

Full House house

Full House house

Last December lil Phan, the redhead and I found the Full House house. As in the house in the opening credits of the popular 90's TV show Full House.

In Front of the Full House house

It was great. lil Phan and I were much more excited than the redhead.


We had to take turn taking pictures in front of it (while the redhead just waited in the car).