Dog Portraits Featured in The BARK Magazine

Big news! kathyphantastic dog portrait plates and mugs were featured in the January/February 2012 Issue of The Bark Magazine. Oh you haven't heard of The Bark? It's only the premiere "dog culture magazine"

My custom hand-drawn pup portraits were featured in the Home Works: Best Picks of Domestic Design section. The Shipley dog portrait mug and French bulldog plate were among three retailers. kathyphantastic products were featured next to Anthropologie.

photo by Tina Phan

The editors of The Bark found me through my kathyphantastic Etsy shop. Huge thanks to photographer Aimee Wenske for the great product images.

photos by Aimee Wenske

Here's my copy of The Bark Magazine.

photo by Tina Phan

Valentine's Day Cake Pop Featured on Cupcakes Take The Cake

This just in from my friend Michelle from Foodie is the New Forty: kathyphantastic Love cake pop was featured on Cupcakes Take The Cake! Umm...I've kinda been obsessed with that blog for years. Big news in the world of kathyphantastic.

The kathyphantastic love cake pop was one among 10 Valentine's Day cake pops by food bloggers. One of my goals for the year was to get featured on Cupcakes Take The Cake. Maybe I can try to be featured twice?

via photo by Michelle Cheng

I sent Michelle a Valentine's and Chinese New Year cake pop package the other year when I made my first batch of Love pops. This was a year when Lunar New Year and Valentine's fell within a week of each other. Being a food blogger, Michelle ate and blogged about it. I'm not sure in which order. I think ate then blogged.

Here's the post on Foodie is the New Forty and my original post on Valentine's cake pops and the kathyphantastic/Objects of Confection Valentine's cake pop class.

Thanks so much for featuring us! I'm so psyched.

Gene Simmons & Friends - KISS Cake Pops


These KISS cake pops Rock and Roll All Night and party every day.

They also partied hard in this phantastic cake pop article by Michelle Savage-Pena in the Austin Post.

See the resemblance?

We've got the Starchild and the Demon

The Space Man & The Cat Man

Don't worry, Gene Simmons cake pops aren't nearly as chauvinistic as the real thing.

*Digital shout out to Scott Thomas (@Scott_Leighton) for passing along cake pop recommendations.

**A baker's dozen digital shout outs to Objects of Confection for making the delicious chocolate cake ball cores.

Featured in the Austin American Statesman--My Cake Pops are Famous

Easter Treat story teaser

The Wednesday before Easter, my cake pops were featured in the Food & Life section of the Austin American-Statesman.

Easter treats that pop
Photo Courtesy Tina Phan

Not only were my cake pops featured, I asked to have Aimee Wenske take the pictures and the Statesman said yes. A HUGE yay for both of us! Yay for teamwork. For us, this is major. Hopefully this will be the first of many good things.

Lesson learned: Sometimes, you just need to ask.

Finished Cake Pops

Here's how it happened:
I was sitting on the SXSW shuttle when I saw a new comment to my blog. At first I was excited. I love comments. I started reading and it was none other than Addie Broyles, food writer for the Statesman. Wow she reads my blog AND comments. I keep reading...she's doing a story on Easter treats and would love to talk...OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! We talk, and then it happens. My boss gives me 1.5 days off to make cake pops.

Finished Cake Pops

For the story, I wanted to make something Easter-y that wasn't too cliche. I came up with Fabrege egg pops. Addie, also wanted to have some cute, kid friendly cake pops that parents and kids could make together for Easter. So, we made Bakerella's Spring Chicken Pops and bunny pops to go with the fancy Fabrege egg cake pops. Thanks Bakerella.

Drawing Eyes Onto the Chick mixing cake

I was able to borrow the redhead's grandmother's huge, gorgeous, and well-lit kitchen and the set up was perfect for a cake pop story. My kitchen would have been inadequate.


Addie was super nice I had a lot of fun making cake pops with her. I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks Addie.

Kathy Shapes the Cake Balls

I'm so glad I wore my cute cupcake apron, the pink cupcake pattern looked great against the pre-dipped pink strawberry cake pops.

Thanks everyone for your support in my cake pops.

The full story and photo gallery on Austin 360 and Addie's take on cake pops at her blog, Relish Austin.

Chris, Lil Phan, my coworkers, Lil Phan and Chris' coworkers ate leftover pops for about a week after the shoot. In the end, we all win except Chris' grandmother who is allergic to strawberries. Don't worry, I made her a non-strawberry batch for Easter.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to translate "Cake Pop" into Vietnamese and explain the phenomenon to my mother. This should be tricky.