Movember Mustachioed Cupcakes

Mustachioed Cupcakes

One of our work Twitter followers, @shortorder, suggested we make Guinness Gasm cupcakes for Movember, to get everyone excited for an especially hairy month. The Guinness Gasm is a chocolate Guinness cupcake with a Bailey's Irish creme frosting. Irish cupcake heaven, if you ask me. Check out the recipe at SF Food Wars.

tiny handlebar

Over the weekend, Christine (pictured above) baked mini cupcakes and made the icing while I cut out a bunch of tiny moustaches and hot glued them to toothpicks. We figured tiny cupcakes would let us feed the masses.

moustache against floral

This post really should have gone out 2 months ago, sorry if any of your Movember festivities proved lacking without the Guinness Gasm. I'm pretty sure they're also tasty in months that don't end in "ovember."


I made some extra paper mustaches for co-workers who had trouble growing their own.

Movember Mosaic