MILK Ice Cream Parlour in LA


Last summer the redhead and I went to LA for my best friend from college's wedding. While we were there we tried some tasty restaurants. MILK was my favorite for dessert. Look at the ice cream menu. They have ice cream parties! If I lived in LA, I would definitely consider that option for my birthday party if it wasn't so expensive.

My ice cream loving cousin, Kelsey convinced her mom (my aunt) to take us to MILK at my suggestion. It was a family ice cream social + Chris. We had lunch, too. Though, all I can remember is dessert.


I ate the strawberry shortcake shake -- rich vanilla ice cream, malted milk, strawberry sorbet, and buttery cookie crumbles with whipped cream and a cherry on top, of course. What started out as savoring with a spoon quickly became slurping down with straw. It was so tasty, I did kind of get an strawberry shortcake shake headache. I wish I could have tried the mint chocolate crunch shake, too.

Blue Velvet cake (seriously)

via cuzinyung on flickr

There's also a famous blue velvet cake, I'd love to try sometime.

mesmerized by dairy

Looking through all the pictures, it turns out I had a salad as my entree