Today I Love: letterhappy handwritten typography cards

I plan on working on a handwritten typography project this summer. These lovely cards (and prints) from Christen Strang of letterhappy are so inspiring and sweet. I might have to snag some for next Valentine's Day or maybe just for a whatever day when I feel like I should tell someone I love them.


Her monogram initial cards are nice, too.

Today I Love: Cookie Dough Negative Space by Sweet Paul

Have you seen Sweet Paul? If you're into prop styling like a certain'll love it. The Sweet Paul blog features Paul Lowe's styling, culinary, and crafting endeavors, all of which are great.

Sweet Paul is also a magazine available both digitally and in print. Check out the Summer 2011 Issue. LOVE. His use of splashes of bright colors juxtaposed against white and grey and white space are right up my ally.

Today I especially love Paul's use of negative space - negative cookie dough space to be exact. Highlighting the cookie dough remnants as a canvas is truly unexpected.

I've been inspired by text and typography lately, and I'm planning to do some styling involving text sometime this summer. Aimee Wenske is on board, so yeah, it should be good. ;)

Hope you had a great weekend, and if you have time go look at the Sweet Paul blog.


via photo by Colin Cooke

via Photo by Alexandra Grablewski

via photo by Frances Janisch

PS Umm oh yeah, he has a glue gun tat.