Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Cake Pops

Wow. Thanksgiving has already passed, and I haven't even finished eating all of my (post-)Halloween (clearance sale) candy. I also hadn't posted these Halloween Cake Pops. I'm feeling quite Charlie Brown today.

In the midst of these Christmas and holiday craft show posts, I thought I should throw in a cake pop post. A belated Halloween pop post still counts especially if those cake pops are made with Objects of Confection's cake balls.

Here they are: Frankenstein pops.

Technically, this is a Monster cake pop and not a Dr. Frankenstein cake pop, but you get the idea. Bride of Frankenstein still plays herself in cake pop land.

Which do you like better? Big eyes or little eyes? Making those unibrows were definitely my favorite part.

This is the first time a cake pop cracking has worked in my favor. Maybe I should specialize in horror cake pops? Maybe not.

Louis Vuitton Pumpkin

I'm generally not a fan of LV-monogrammed stuff. On the other hand, Mommy Phan can't get enough of it.

She's also one of the people responsible for my never being allowed to carve pumpkins as a child (the other being Daddy Phan). Mommy Phan would approve of this Louis Vuitton-inspired pumpkin though. No carving, no pumpkin guts, yes LV - all wins in her mind.

She has an authentic Louis or two and then the knock offs of the same bags. I refer to them as "decoy bags," to trick possible thieves and other villains. I don't know how the trickery would actually work in a real-life scenario though. And judging by her telling me that women in Houston's Chinatown are being purse-snatched regardless of authenticity, I'm thinking she doesn't either.

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to (the now defunct) Astroworld on NAACP Day? There was some really great Louis Vuitton stuff that day.

Vegetarian Noodle Bowl Halloween Costume

OMG. This is for real.

Vegetarian Noodle Bowl Halloween Costume, Not the Kitchen Sink on Etsy, $60

This is the cutest, most inventive children's food costume I've seen this year. Thanks Not the Kitchen Sink for making my day, and quite possibly, my Halloween.

By now, everyone has seen sushi babies. Vegetarian noodle bowl toddlers? Not so much.

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'd know that I'm a huge fan of food costumes. I was once a s'more and I once made the redhead dress up as bubble tea. He was a huge hit with the Asian immigrant crowd that year.

Look at how angry that kid is. I'm pretty sure he hates his crafty mom. He definitely seems to hate her fabulous costumes.

See below.

Smile for me, pretty please with a cherry on top? Nope.

Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcake Costume, Not the Kitchen Sink on Etsy, $50

I think nigiri baby is a different baby altogether.

Also, not very happy. The wasabi, ginger, and plastic grass headband is making kathyphantastic happy, though.

Sushi Ebi Nigiri Sushi Baby Costume, Not the Kitchen Sink on Etsy, $50

Pet Costume Contest at Shuck Shack


Q: What's better than dogs?
A: Dogs dressed up as people, other animals and sometimes, food

Now, I wouldn't dress up my (currently fictional) dog on a regular basis, but I would definitely dress him up for Halloween.

That said, here are some pictures from Pet Halloween Costume Contest benefiting Emancipet held at Shuck Shack.

My favorite:


Mr. T

Second favorite:


Hot Dog and Fries

Other dogs (mainly dressed as angels):

IMG_9650 IMG_9675 IMG_9666 IMG_9668

Balloon Dog Boy

Next year, will you dress up Fido for a good cause?

Pumpkin Carved

I had to squeeze in a few Halloween posts before Thanksgiving.

I carved a pumpkin. For the first time EVER. A certain someone thought I couldn't carve that picture of John Lennon into a pumpkin...So, I did.

I had him do all the icky stuff and I put my wood carving tools to good use. (I don't think I was supposed to, though.) Jack O' Lantern success.

For more a photos of my john o' lennon check my flickr