Friend Friday: Sweet Dessert Magnets by Micah Lanning Porter

micah magnets donut

I'm starting a new segment called Friend Friday in which I will feature a friend and something awesome that friend does on some Fridays.

For this first Friend Friday I'm featuring Micah Lanning Porter, an old friend. Micah and I have been friends since middle school(!). I once made her husband James alien cake pops.


Micah gave me these sweet dessert magnets for my birthday this year. I love love love them. They are so cute I almost couldn't wait for Friend Friday. I almost posted last Saturday right after I received them. But Friend Friday sounds so much better than friend Saturday. It's the alliteration that makes it.

cupcake magnet

Years ago she gave me veggie magnets. I guess she wanted to balance out the healthy with sugar.


I'm using my doughnut magnet to hold up my Gourdough's menu. Brilliant!

Micah is a very talented lady. She just bought a kiln and says she's going to start an Etsy store soon. I wonder if I can commission a cake pop magnet. Micah, are you listening? Her magnets would make such cute stocking stuffers around the holidays.


Here's Micah's blog My Attempts at Cleverness. She even posted about me once.

Thanks Micah, I love you!