Orange Pan-Glazed Tempeh - Not a Terrible Mistake

We made orange pan-glazed tempeh tonight, and indeed, it was not a terrible mistake. It was my first time cooking with tempeh, and it was weird. Our tempeh was by WestSoy and had the texture of a rubberized a rice krispie treat. I think if someone needed a replica of a rice krispie treat for a restaurant window (this concept is quite popular in Japan) they should find some tempeh. Another weird thing, tempeh is made with fungus and will often have black spots once removed from the packaging. Eww...I had do some googling to make sure I wasn't going to die. Not dead, yet.
The recipe is from Heidi Swanson at The Heidi's pictures are great. If you can get over the idea of mold and rubbery rice krispie treats, I definitely recommend it.
Thanks to the Javanese (for inventing) and Whole Foods for introducing me to tempeh. I'll use it in the future as a protein source.
I've included a picture with a fork and chopsticks to appeal to a wide range of utensil users.