Tempeh Bacon Fig and Brie Sandwich

Tempeh Bacon Sandwich
Facon Sandwich

photos courtesy Tina Phan

Third tempeh experiment has proven successful. I tried to recreate Whole Food's Barton Spring Sandwich replacing the roasted turkey with tempeh bacon.

Tempeh bacon
Stonewall Kitchen's Fig & Ginger spread
Field greens mix
Caramelized onions

I also made tempeh bacon for the first time using this recipe. It turned out well. I had to make a slight adjustment, we were out of edible maple syrup and I replaced it with agave syrup. I think it would have been better with more of a maple flavor.

I had an intense lunch making adventure Tuesday morning, and I now see why Whole Food's gourmet sandwiches are $7.99. It took about an hour to make the bacon (after marinating over night) and caramelizing the onions.