Today I Love: letterhappy handwritten typography cards

I plan on working on a handwritten typography project this summer. These lovely cards (and prints) from Christen Strang of letterhappy are so inspiring and sweet. I might have to snag some for next Valentine's Day or maybe just for a whatever day when I feel like I should tell someone I love them.


Her monogram initial cards are nice, too.

Dog Portraits Featured in The BARK Magazine

Big news! kathyphantastic dog portrait plates and mugs were featured in the January/February 2012 Issue of The Bark Magazine. Oh you haven't heard of The Bark? It's only the premiere "dog culture magazine"

My custom hand-drawn pup portraits were featured in the Home Works: Best Picks of Domestic Design section. The Shipley dog portrait mug and French bulldog plate were among three retailers. kathyphantastic products were featured next to Anthropologie.

photo by Tina Phan

The editors of The Bark found me through my kathyphantastic Etsy shop. Huge thanks to photographer Aimee Wenske for the great product images.

photos by Aimee Wenske

Here's my copy of The Bark Magazine.

photo by Tina Phan

Today I Want: Hey Y'all Sign

I'm loving the Southern Slang series from SlippinSouthern. North Carolina's Slippin Southern handcuts southern expressions (among other things) from plywood which they lovingly call "Southern Pine," likely with a drawl.

I really want the "hey y'all" either in barnyard red, sunflower yellow, or driftwood grey. I am a southern girl after all. I've even got the cowboy boots to prove it. One day I'll also have this sign.

Hey Y'all Sign, SlippinSouthern on Etsy, $50

Here are few other ones from Slippin Southern:


Which would y'all get?

Today I Love: Laura George Holding Hands Print

I've hadn't thought about this until today. You'd have 6 more hands to hold if you became an octopus.

Hands, tentacles, same difference (except for those creepy suction cups).

Holding Hands Print, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Oh, and I love a bunch of Laura's other prints, too. I kinda want to go to Chicago to meet Laura George and make her my new best friend.

Here goes:

We are Intellectuals, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

It's Hard to Be a Person, Laura George on Etsy, $15.

Hungry Hairbeast Friends, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Skyfall, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Things I'm Thankful For, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Check out all of Laura George's illustrations on her Etsy store and blog.