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I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30. I've always been terrified of the pictures of teeth at dentists' offices. These teeth are kinda cute. Nerves print by katep on Etsy. Pearly White sterling silver molar and freshwater pearl necklace by itsbeautiful on Etsy, $30

Have you seen this beautiful Official Tooth Fairy Set? I wish my tooth fairy used letterpress. You can buy it at the Office of the Tooth Fairy for $16. Is $16 more or less than what goes under the pillow?

Blue Genie Art Bazaar - Mostly Chia Fur Hats




photos (mostly) courtesy of Tina Phan

Chris, Lil Phan, and I checked out the Blue Genie Art Bazaar at the Monarch Events Center today, on it's Opening Day. It was awesome. Lots of great local and handmade gifts and a few gifts to self were found. I'll have to blog about the gifts after Christmas, since some of my readers will be receiving the loot.


I am in LOVE with these faux fur hats by Chia. I've been in love since the first time I saw them a few years ago at Pink on South Congress. So cute, and different. Ahem...great Christmas gift idea for Kathy Phantastic. (Blue with turquoise tips, purple lining, ribbon closure, size L--they used to call me "Big Head"...) I think I'd wear one to work (I can get away with that and still be employed). One of my TAs in college, Roberta Villalon, performed a dance wearing Chia hats with Spank Dance Company. You can see a clip from it on the Spank website.

Look, now we're both redheads.



Lil Phan found some interesting and very Christmasy hair accessories, while I found myself missing Movember.

Come out and support local Austin artists at the Art Bazaar. If you spend more than $60, you get a free Blue Genie T-Shirt. By they way, they're open late (10 pm on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday).