Today I Love: Jonathan Adler iPhone Cases

jonathan adler iphone cases

These Jonathan Adler iphone cases are so beautiful.

My favorites are Blue Circles and Multi Bargello. I can't choose just one.

I wish I wasn't scared of scratching the screen and dropping my iPhone face-down. This is why I have to carry an ugly old man case with flip-front cover and belt clip. At least I don't use the belt clip.

Which one is your favorite?

Jonathan Adler iPhone Case, See Jane Work, $20.00

Be sure to look at all of See Jane Work's cute desk accessories while you're looking at the cases. Their selection will cheer up any cube.

Today I Love: Ice Cream Pinata

Look at what I found on Black*Eiffel! Can I keep it?

I love how it's made with hot pink crepe paper and coffee filters. The ruffles bring an elegance usually not found with fringy tissue paper.

I would fill this baby with ice cream flavored candy and mini ice cream shaped erasers.

What do you like to fill your pinatas with?

Living fairly close to several of Austin's pinata stores - YES there are pinata stores here - I might never make one of these ice cream cone pinatas. However, if you'd like to have a try, check Simply Modern Mom's tutorial.

Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids

My friend Sharon and I basically are the same person. We like all the same things. Right about the time I was thinking about posting these Band-Aids by Cynthia Rowley. She posted them first.

Aren't they lovely? The next time a girl who is drinking, dancing, and smoking at the same time burns me, I know what I'll use to dress my wound.

Dress-Up Band-Aids, Cynthia Rowley, $10

Big Bang Collective Launch Party at DWR

New super-talented Austin arsty girl group, Big Bang Collective is hosting a party celebrating their launch at Design Within Reach. These ladies can photograph, illustrate, style, design, makeup and do hair.

The party includes a coloring contest (!) AND cocktails, really, who could resist?

The Big Bang Collective includes the following ladies:
alecia marcum
alexandra valenti
alice willett
alyson fox (who I've been slightly obsessed with since I met her while working on an Eliza Page window)
amanda elmore
danann patrick
farrah reid
mahshad vakili
meredith word
rachel hunt
sara edwards

Read more more about each artist and their collective work on Big Bang Collective's website.

Design Within Reach
200 West 2nd Street
Austin, TX 78701

RSVP on Facebook

I hope to be part of a collective one day and to have a billion dollars so I can shop DWR. Who wants to work with me?

Today I Love: Live What You Love Letterpress Prints by Hijirik Studio

Today I love the Live What You Love letterpress print series by Hijirik Studio.

I love them so much I got one of each of these prints. They're going to look gorgeous side by side and inspire me everyday when I wake up.

Here's to a day when I get to do what I love.

Hijirik Design Studio is run by Hijiri Shepherd, a graphic designer with a letterpress studio in New York. See her portfolio and buy some of her prints at her Etsy store.

Live What You Love Letterpress Prints, Hijirik Studio on Etsy, $12.50 - $20.00

Sharon Loves This Bridal Shower

Sharon & Megan

My friend Sharon is getting married.

Last weekend was her bridal shower. There were lots of Asian ladies at her shower (friends of her mom). Here's a picture of Sharon (and Kyle) with the Asian ladies.

Sharon Kyle & Asian Ladies

There were actually so many ladies, I couldn't fit them into the frame. Sorry other ladies!

Here's Sharon with Ade, a mutual friend who introduced us long before Sharon started her blog. It was after the blog, that we decided we're kinda the same person.

Sharon & Ade

I fully support wedding registries so couples can get what they actually want. But, I broke the rules and made her gift.


Here it is:

sharon + kyle

Customized appetizer plates!

You can make your own customized plates, too. Here's my tutorial in case you want some guidance.

sharon and kyle face plates
custom lettered plates

I had fun drawing for her. I hope she uses them in her new house.