Lovely Confections, Lucky Timing

strawberries and cream cupcake

This weekend, I found the most delicious strawberry frosting at Lovely Confections in Denver, CO. I like to have a cupcake in each city I visit -- except for Chicago where I had more like 4 cupcakes in one day.

It was early Sunday evening and chances of finding an open bakery were bleak. It was past closing time when we peered into the window. To my surprise the owner's mother motioned us to come in. There were few cupcakes left (a good sign at the end of the day) and the last strawberries and cream cupcake caught my glance.

The strawberry frosting was DELICIOUS, it tasted so fresh -- like real strawberries. I credit owner Porche Lovely's use of local and organic ingredients. I'm sad I'll miss out on all the other flavors. When in Denver, check out Lovely Confections, they're...lovely.