Vegetarian Noodle Bowl Halloween Costume

OMG. This is for real.

Vegetarian Noodle Bowl Halloween Costume, Not the Kitchen Sink on Etsy, $60

This is the cutest, most inventive children's food costume I've seen this year. Thanks Not the Kitchen Sink for making my day, and quite possibly, my Halloween.

By now, everyone has seen sushi babies. Vegetarian noodle bowl toddlers? Not so much.

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'd know that I'm a huge fan of food costumes. I was once a s'more and I once made the redhead dress up as bubble tea. He was a huge hit with the Asian immigrant crowd that year.

Look at how angry that kid is. I'm pretty sure he hates his crafty mom. He definitely seems to hate her fabulous costumes.

See below.

Smile for me, pretty please with a cherry on top? Nope.

Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcake Costume, Not the Kitchen Sink on Etsy, $50

I think nigiri baby is a different baby altogether.

Also, not very happy. The wasabi, ginger, and plastic grass headband is making kathyphantastic happy, though.

Sushi Ebi Nigiri Sushi Baby Costume, Not the Kitchen Sink on Etsy, $50