Chilantro Korean BBQ Tacos at the Domain


One lovely Spring Wednesday, the coworkers and I met the redhead and his coworkers at the Chilantro truck at the Domain.


I've talked about Chilantro before in my Lunar New Year post - they're my favorite food trailer. So, in fact, I talk about them a lot.


I had never seen so many people waiting for Jae and his crew, not even during SXSW. Crazy. The Domain loves its Korean BBQ Taco trailer truck. Being a super sweet entrepreneur, Jae gave me 4 tofu tacos because of the long wait. Being non morbidly obese, I could only finish 2 of those tacos. I ended up leaving these in the work fridge for lunch the next day. (note: unfortunately Chilantro day 2 is subpar)


One bizarre thing was with the location - we could buy food in front of the building but if we tried to take even a single bite a security guard, with presumably not much better to do, would come yell at us. Also, we weren't even allowed to sit down and wait for the food. Standing room only? (note: fortunately they've moved to the parking lot adjacent for their Domain visits and it's much more pleasant)

PS I stopped by Chilantro again last weekend after Pixel Pop they now have kimchi french fries. I shared the tofu version with the redhead, Micah, and her husband. Amazing. You MUST eat them. This is an order.

For their daily whereabouts, follow them on Twitter (@ChiLantroBBQ).

Lunar New Year Chilantro BBQ Korean Tacos



Last weekend, Austin's Chinatown Center and Red Velvet Events put on a two-day celebration to ring in the Lunar New Year. They had lion dancers (among others), Taiko drummers, musicians, a fashion show, special appearances from TxTag and the 2010 Census bureau, and Chi'lantro Korean BBQ tacos.



I had the tofu taco (pictured on right) and spicy fries. The tacos are both tasty and affordable at $2. Some bites were so spicy I felt like Florent eating habaneros.

Chi'lantro is a nomadic food truck, so it might not be where you left it last. Check out their schedule to see the week's locations.

I might be tempted to have one tonight. With Fries.