Nicole and Reese Bride and Groom Cake Pops

Nicole Hearts Reese Cake Pops

Photos by Tina Phan

The redhead’s Aggie cousin, Reese, got married a few weeks ago in College Station. I planned on making a few bride and groom cake pops for the wedding, but strange things happened and the cake plans were popped.

At the family Easter gathering (when the Easter cake pops article had just "dropped") Nicole’s, the fiancee's, dad said it would be fun if I could make Reese and Nicole pops. I wholeheartedly agreed. What better way to celebrate a marriage than by eating a cake pop of the bride and groom’s face? I'm pretty sure that's a ritual in some culture - and if not, perhaps it should be.

Faceless Reese Cake Pop Faceless Nicole Cake Pop

For their wedding rehearsal dinner, I crafted them each a cake pop portrait. Due to extreme Texas heat compounded by my own forgetfulness (I left the pops in a car) the cake pops melted into a mushy mess.

Chris said that Reese looked a little too much like Bobby Hill anyway (pre-melt).

Bride (with Pearls) and Groom Cake Pops

I told Nicole’s mom that I would re-make the portrait pops. And though I couldn’t get it done for the wedding, I still kept my end of the promise - a little late.

Faceless Nicole and Reese Cake Pops

I used Facebook for research on facial structure. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

Looking for Facebook Picture Inspiration

Nicole’s head is a little bigger than than I hoped. Sorry Nicole. I hope you still like your bride cake pop.

Reese and Nicole Cake Pop Kiss

Here’s to Reese and Nicole. Non-cake pop pictures from the wedding to follow.

Animal (the Muppet) and Drum Set Cake Pops

animal drums cake pops

My friend Eric is a drummer. Sometimes he drums for City of Ships.

animal cake pops

Naturally, I wanted to make drum cake pops for his birthday. At first I thought I might make single drums. After a while I remembered that when I asked to borrow some drumsticks (see Roussos post and scroll to the end) he asked if I was going to be Animal. Lightbulb moment, I could make him an Animal Muppet cake pop with a cake pop drum set. Jim Henson inspired cake pop magic ensued.

animal drum set cake pops

I asked Monica, his super cute and crafty girlfriend, about his favorite flavor of cake. She named a few faves--I went with German Chocolate. The redhead and lil Phan got to eat some of the uglies and they both think German chocolate cake pops are the best flavor. I think it has something to do with the texture of coconut pecan frosting.

Eric related shout out: Eric's mom Amy makes super yummy treats. I love the days when Eric has extras and hands ones over to me. Amy's blog is yumtastic.

Lots of blogger ladies in his life. A sign of a good guy? I think so.

Animal vs. Buddy Rich in a drum-off.

These photos were taken by lil Phan aka Tina Phan Photography. Thanks lil Phan.

Sober Chick Cake Pops & Drunk Chick Cake Pops

chick pops with hairdos

chick pops from the top

This Easter I made Bakerella's Spring Chicken Pops for the redhead's family's* Easter dinner held at his grandmother's house.

Note: Although it is the redhead's family's Easter dinner, not everyone present is actually a redhead.

chick pops

I fenced in these little pops and brought them as dessert. Redhead's grandma saved the Austin American-Statesman article from earlier in the week and showed it to everyone. She even cut out the teaser from a different newspaper and saved it. Super sweet. I felt like a real grandkid.

chomped chick

I made sure the redhead's grandma could eat some of these cake pops. Instead of strawberry cake, I went with yellow cake with chocolate frosting and funfetti with white frosting--no allergies to those flavors.

With two cake flavors, it was definitely cake pops galore.

There were some sober chicks...

sober chick pops

And a Drunk Chick.

drunk chick pop

A hole formed around the candy coating on this cake pop. I decided to work with it.

chick cake pops and fence

I love the chick hairdos. Check them out from the aerial view taken from the cameracopter.

chick cake pop hairdo aerial view

This post's photos were taken by lil Phan aka Tina Phan Photography. Thanks lil Phan!

Here's a great soundtrack for reading or rereading this post: LCD Soundsystem's Drunk Girls

Featured in the Austin American Statesman--My Cake Pops are Famous

Easter Treat story teaser

The Wednesday before Easter, my cake pops were featured in the Food & Life section of the Austin American-Statesman.

Easter treats that pop
Photo Courtesy Tina Phan

Not only were my cake pops featured, I asked to have Aimee Wenske take the pictures and the Statesman said yes. A HUGE yay for both of us! Yay for teamwork. For us, this is major. Hopefully this will be the first of many good things.

Lesson learned: Sometimes, you just need to ask.

Finished Cake Pops

Here's how it happened:
I was sitting on the SXSW shuttle when I saw a new comment to my blog. At first I was excited. I love comments. I started reading and it was none other than Addie Broyles, food writer for the Statesman. Wow she reads my blog AND comments. I keep reading...she's doing a story on Easter treats and would love to talk...OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! We talk, and then it happens. My boss gives me 1.5 days off to make cake pops.

Finished Cake Pops

For the story, I wanted to make something Easter-y that wasn't too cliche. I came up with Fabrege egg pops. Addie, also wanted to have some cute, kid friendly cake pops that parents and kids could make together for Easter. So, we made Bakerella's Spring Chicken Pops and bunny pops to go with the fancy Fabrege egg cake pops. Thanks Bakerella.

Drawing Eyes Onto the Chick mixing cake

I was able to borrow the redhead's grandmother's huge, gorgeous, and well-lit kitchen and the set up was perfect for a cake pop story. My kitchen would have been inadequate.


Addie was super nice I had a lot of fun making cake pops with her. I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks Addie.

Kathy Shapes the Cake Balls

I'm so glad I wore my cute cupcake apron, the pink cupcake pattern looked great against the pre-dipped pink strawberry cake pops.

Thanks everyone for your support in my cake pops.

The full story and photo gallery on Austin 360 and Addie's take on cake pops at her blog, Relish Austin.

Chris, Lil Phan, my coworkers, Lil Phan and Chris' coworkers ate leftover pops for about a week after the shoot. In the end, we all win except Chris' grandmother who is allergic to strawberries. Don't worry, I made her a non-strawberry batch for Easter.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to translate "Cake Pop" into Vietnamese and explain the phenomenon to my mother. This should be tricky.

NCAA March Madness Pops


via Tina Phan

This week marks many occasions and many more events including SXSW, spring break (I really should have relished in spring break when I still had it), St. Patrick's Day, and NCAA March Madness.

Here are some basketball cake pops for March Madness. I hope you think of them when you're filling out your bracket.

via Tina Phan

This is my second attempt at sporty cake pops. I made some Longhorn Football pops this January.

via Tina Phan

My beloved Texas Longhorns were the first team in history to go from number one to unranked in college basketball. Hook 'em.


St. Patrick's Day Cake Pops


Saint Patrick's Day cake pops in varying shades of green. The sprinkled cake pop has tiny clover shaped sprinkles.

Cake Pops

For the past few years I've been trying to get the redhead to grow out his beard starting in late January so he'll look like an overgrown leprechaun. Each year he has refused. As a friend of ours put it, "Leprechaun fetish denied." Luck O' the Cake Pops, I guess.

The pictures above were taken by the very talented Aimee Wenske. Thanks Mia! (Yes, I call her Mia. To most everyone else, she's Aimee).

Hope you and your Irishman have a happy St. Patrick's Day.

Fish Pops Featuring Photography by Aimee Wenske

Cake Pops

A few weeks ago I asked lil Phan if there was any cake pop she wanted to see. She said "FISH!" So, I made it happen.

I'm really happy with how they turned out. The pops that didn't turn out (I refer to them as the "uglies") ended up my belly.

What's better than eating the uglies? The super talented Aimee Wenske offered to photograph my pops. YAY! Aren't the pictures beautiful? They remind me of summer--delicious cake-filled summer. She even blogged about them. Read the cake pop post on her blog. Double YAY!

Cake Pops

I was lucky enough to have not just one, but TWO talented photographers shoot my fish pops. Photos from Tina Phan Photography coming soon.

P.S. For those who are new to my blog, here are some posts of cake pops past.

We Come in Peace: Alien Pops at Micah's House


My friend Micah threw a party for her husband James' birthday. Micah is wonderful and strange--the good kind of strange. Wonderfully strange. Like me, she likes to craft and bake.



For James' birthday Micah baked a UFO cake and I made him a few alien cake pops to match. They're definitely the creepiest cake pops I've made so far.

James likes scifi and Star Wars--especially Star Wars. They both really like Star Wars.

Chris borrowed James' highly coveted Storm Trooper mask.

Micah let me try on the Doctor Who scarf she knitted for James. It was really lengthy. It took quite a while to put on and roll back.

Did you notice that oil lamp with the roman statues behind us? My grandparents had a similar one with one lady in the middle instead of three. I remember being fascinated by it as a child.

Happy Birthday James. My sister enjoyed playing with your cats. She will be posting cat pictures soon.