Cake Pops Are for Lovers: Valentine's Cake Ball & Pop Workshop

The first weekend in February, Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic teamed up for a Valentine's cake ball and cake pop workshop. You can call us Professor Cake Pop and Professor Cake Ball, respectively.

There was no background music this time, but there was some sort of small crane looming in the background. Luckily, it was a kind and quiet crane. Everyone was so focused on their treats that no one really noticed except me and Tina Phan.

Cake ball and cake pop enthusiasts each made pairs of love birds, conversation hearts, love cake balls, teddy bears, and tulips.

Apparently, this bear tried to attack me.

We had so many Valentine's themed sprinkles. Jessica from Objects of Confection thinks I might have a problem. I'll let you know if there's an intervention.

This graduating class of students in cake poppery included a cute couple who drove in from Houston and a cake ball-centric blogger, Cake Ball Addiction.

Above, me "in the zone." As you can see, I'm very passionate about cake pop decorating and am very intense. Haha.

Here I am channeling the energy of the cake pops and cake balls.

Some student work.

For more pictures from our workshop, check out my new kathyphantastic Facebook Fan Page. I'll post more on the blog later.

Five years ago, if someone were to tell me I'd be teaching classes on decorating baked goods in a repurposed Albertson's I wouldn't believe them. That said, I'm really happy it's happened.

Jessica from Objects of Confection and I are planning on an Easter cake ball workshop in April. Stay tuned for details.

Photos by Tina Phan

Giveaway: Ticket to Valentine Cake Ball and Cake Pop Class with Objects of Confection


After a successful Christmas Cake Pop class in December, Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic are teaming up again in February to bring you a Valentine's class that is sure to satisfy you and your sweetheart's sweettooth.

Each lovely participant will bring home a dozen cake balls for themselves or love(s) of their life.

When: 10 am Saturday, February 5 
Where: Community Renaissance Market
             6800 West Gate Blvd 
             Austin, TX 78745

To celebrate our lovely second class, I'm having a giveaway for one ticket to Saturday's class.

Here's what you have to do:

Comment on this blog post with what kind of Valentine cake pop you'd like to make and check one or both of the boxes that says: "Post comment to Facebook" or "Post comment to Twitter."

If you don't want to test your luck, you can still sign up here.

Photo by Tina Phan

Christmas Cake Pop Class Sneak Peek

kathy and santa cake pop

Last month Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic teamed up to teach a Christmas cake ball and cake pop workshop. We're happy to announce that it was a success (despite some bizarro background music) and there's a Valentine's class scheduled for February.


Photos by Aimee Wenske

Sweet-toothed students including blog followers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, a few friends, and some kids got their hands dirty (or rather, sugary) learning the ins and outs of cake ball how-to and cake pop decoration.

My good friend Aimee Wenske and my sister Tina Phan took pictures and some video.


Photo by Tina Phan

Fellow blogger and crafty friend Monica made some of the cutest cake balls. Her penguins are darling. Check Monica's food and craft blog Sugar Stitches.

Thanks Monica for the Cake Pop Decorating blog post.


See the little girl sneaking a bite of cake pop? I love it. Yum!

penguin cake pop

Photo by Aimee Wenske

This is a simple penguin of my own. I need to get used to wearing these blue gloves. Luckily, I found out I only need to wear them when touching students' cake pops and not my own. Manual dexterity increased a hundredfold!

I am the Michael Jackson of cake pops (one glove).

Thanks everyone for coming to our class! I can't wait to share more pictures.

PS Thanks to the red head for getting me the layer cake apron I'd blogged about for my first class. :)

Christmas Cake Pop Workshop with Objects of Confection

Handmade cake ball designer and unrepentant truffle-maker Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic are teaming up this weekend to bring you a treasure trove of Christmas cake ball/pop know-how.

Each participant will bring home a dozen cake balls and one soul full of cheer this Sunday.

When: 2 pm Sunday, December 12
Where: Community Renaissance Market
             6800 West Gate Blvd
             Austin, TX 78745

Sign up here.

Tickle Me Finley - Elmo Cake Pops


photo by Tina Phan

Last month, Benjamin Finley celebrated his second birthday. Like many 2-year-olds, Benjamin is obsessed with Elmo.


photo by Tina Phan

For Benjamin's 1st birthday I made him this Tony Chachere's tee. This year I one-upped myself, or maybe two-dozen-upped myself, with a small army of cake pop Elmos.



photo by Tina Phan

I'd been hoping for an opportunity to try out Bakerella's Sesame Street Cake Pops.


First Benjamin was a little scared to eat Elmo.


He got over it.


Eek. Chilled Elmo brains!

Benjamin is rumored to have learned how to say "Elmo Pop." I'm sad his dad, my friend Aaron, wasn't able to get a sound clip.


photo by Tina Phan

Cake Pop Success


I tried to take some shots of the Elmo pops myself. It ended up looking like Elmo went to Anthropologie, much like everything else I do.

IMG_9620 IMG_9615 IMG_9619


Paycheee's Pineapple Cake Pops

diagonal pineapple cake pops

To celebrate her 26th, my super sporty friend Paycheee did not have a sports party - instead, she threw herself a suburban luau. No self-respecting luau is complete without tropical themed cake pops.

paycheee pineapples

I wanted to make a roasted pig cake pop or two, but the test pops turned out to be cake (pop) wrecks. They were so ugly that I had to go with pineapples.

5 pineapple cake pops

The pineapple cake pops were a touchdown (I mean, hit) and I think they went perfectly with the coconut bras and plastic leis. A lot of birthday partygoers didn't realize what they were. But they had already been drinking for hours...

vertical pineapple cake pops

Happy Birthday Paycheee!

paycheee pops

Farm Animal Cake Pops


I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat animals, but I will eat animal cake pops (and Animal pops!). I never liked that "Do vegetarians eat animal crackers" joke. When it comes to cake pops, yes, yes we do eat animal cake pops.

chicken bite


Fabulous photographer Aimee Wenske and I teamed up for some fun cake pop pictures. This time, we added a chalkboard.



Eek bloody red velvet beef. I guess this guy is rare.


The pigs were our favorite pops.


Here's the pig cake pop from as seen from a bird cake pop's eye view.

Photos by Aimee Wenske

Sharon Loves These Hello Kitty Cake Pops


So you guys know my friend Sharon, right? Sharon Loves This?

Well, she's getting married this weekend. And I made her these Hello Kitty cake pops for her bachelorette party (which was really a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant, Vespaio. Sounds like my kind of party.)

red bow hello kitty cake pop

All the girls were enamored by the cake pops. Success! I'll post some pictures from Sharon's bachelorette party at a later date.

I used Bakerella's Hello Kitty cake pop tutorial and adapted the bow. I went with a little pink confetti sprinkle as the middle instead of an M&M mini. The flatness of the sprinkle was definitely easier to adhere to Hello Kitty's cake pop head.

hello kitty cake pops in progress

finished hello kitties

I swear, I almost died from cuteness while I was making these.

top down hello kitty cake pops

I even made a her a personalized cake pop stand.

hello kitty cake pop bite

I'm going to go ahead and say Sharon Loved This.