Fancy Food at Foreign & Domestic

Photos by Aimee Wenske

Last week, Amy B, an old friend of mine from college, triumphantly returned to Texas. To celebrate her all-too-brief return to Austin we had dinner at Foreign & Domestic.

We had 7 desserts, with only one being a repeat. I ordered the carrot cake sundae, tasted both the chocolate parfait and the chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream, and with sugar-glazed eyes, I stared at the bacon root beer float. Sugar coma aside, my favorite dessert, compliments of the chef, was pomegrante ice cream with apple and fig streudel. It seriously tasted like I was eating magic. I felt a happy tingle on my tongue. Shouldn't magic feel like a happy tingle? I want a secret stash of Foreign and Domestic's pomegrante ice cream for stressful workdays.

Oh yeah, we had entrees, too. Interestingly, we had fewer entrees than desserts. We also had fewer people than desserts.

It was Austin Restaurant Week, so there was no reason not to order off the three course prix fixe restaurant week menu. Half of our table ordered from the ARW menu but we also snagged some gruyere popover appetizers - the redhead has decided that we need to go back and just have popovers for dinner.

Big Bang Collective Launch Party at DWR

New super-talented Austin arsty girl group, Big Bang Collective is hosting a party celebrating their launch at Design Within Reach. These ladies can photograph, illustrate, style, design, makeup and do hair.

The party includes a coloring contest (!) AND cocktails, really, who could resist?

The Big Bang Collective includes the following ladies:
alecia marcum
alexandra valenti
alice willett
alyson fox (who I've been slightly obsessed with since I met her while working on an Eliza Page window)
amanda elmore
danann patrick
farrah reid
mahshad vakili
meredith word
rachel hunt
sara edwards

Read more more about each artist and their collective work on Big Bang Collective's website.

Design Within Reach
200 West 2nd Street
Austin, TX 78701

RSVP on Facebook

I hope to be part of a collective one day and to have a billion dollars so I can shop DWR. Who wants to work with me?

Andy Warhol's Birthday Party at the Mohawk


Last weekend I went to Andy Warhol's Birthday Party at the Mohawk.

Andy Warhol's Birthday Poster

Thanks to Trevor Ray Thompson for these great photobooth pictures. I met his sister that night. She has to hold reflectors and be in test shots, just like I do for lil Phan.

These guys were also there. Alex insisted that he hates Andy Warhol. I'm not sure how he got in.


Florent thought the guy on right was Lenny Kravitz.


Lana joined us as Andy (with Mylar balloons).

lana as andy 962510101_gXHrs-L

I think Florent should get the prescription version of those glasses. He looks fabulous.


A girl thought these glasses were my prescription glasses. I had to tell her they didn't have lenses.


This random girl kinda looks like me.

girl who kinda looks like me

Check out Trevor Ray's website for more pictures of the Andy Warhol Birthday Party.

Hey My Blog is Live Again

Chuck and Michele

Hello again. I'm sorry for my absence. My blog has been down for most of last week due to a DoS attack on Posterous. Apparently, I celebrate my bloggiversary by getting hacked.

On a positive note, I'm extending my giveaway by one week. Comment on my anniversary blog post for a chance to win one of my banners. Winner will be chosen next Monday, August 16, 2010. Good luck and happy commenting.

I've been busy (as usual, I suppose). I attended ProductCamp and an Andy Warhol birthday party - two completely different crowds.

My friends Chuck and Michele came into town. I made them eat yummy things - Home Slice Pizza and Gourdough's donuts to be exact. I was camera-less most of the weekend. I didn't want to lug it around and had filled up my memory card. If you'd like, you can check out my first Gourdough's post.

Chuck only likes a few food groups, luckily one of those food groups is chicken tenders. The mother clucker doughnut fit in perfectly in his food pyramid next to pizza and fried cheese. Gourdough's win! Anyone hear anything about any fried cheese trailers coming to Austin in the near future? Or maybe a fried cheese pizza trailer?

Pictures of the Andy Warhol party (from other cameras) to follow.

We Got A Cover! A TODO Austin Cover

TODO Austin Cover July 2010

Woo hoo! Aimee Wenske and I got a cover this month. Go Team! Our photography and styling efforts are featured on this month's TODO Austin.

906426590_dsc_6760 906426408_dsc_6754

TODO Austin is a FREE monthly newspaper that focuses on ethnic communities in Austin. The site says it's "multicultural."

I'm sure not about all the distribution locations for TODO Austin. I am sure that you can pick up copy of the July 2010 issue at the laundromat next to Quack's Bakery.

Aimee and I made a bunch of bread flags with white bread and condiments.


I don't think I can show this to mommy Phan, she'd be ashamed that I replicated the current Vietnam flag.


Here are some non-flag outtakes that didn't quite make it.

Pouring outtakes

Chilantro Korean BBQ Tacos at the Domain


One lovely Spring Wednesday, the coworkers and I met the redhead and his coworkers at the Chilantro truck at the Domain.


I've talked about Chilantro before in my Lunar New Year post - they're my favorite food trailer. So, in fact, I talk about them a lot.


I had never seen so many people waiting for Jae and his crew, not even during SXSW. Crazy. The Domain loves its Korean BBQ Taco trailer truck. Being a super sweet entrepreneur, Jae gave me 4 tofu tacos because of the long wait. Being non morbidly obese, I could only finish 2 of those tacos. I ended up leaving these in the work fridge for lunch the next day. (note: unfortunately Chilantro day 2 is subpar)


One bizarre thing was with the location - we could buy food in front of the building but if we tried to take even a single bite a security guard, with presumably not much better to do, would come yell at us. Also, we weren't even allowed to sit down and wait for the food. Standing room only? (note: fortunately they've moved to the parking lot adjacent for their Domain visits and it's much more pleasant)

PS I stopped by Chilantro again last weekend after Pixel Pop they now have kimchi french fries. I shared the tofu version with the redhead, Micah, and her husband. Amazing. You MUST eat them. This is an order.

For their daily whereabouts, follow them on Twitter (@ChiLantroBBQ).

Retro Bizzaro Styling with Aimee Wenske


Fabulous friend/photographer Aimee Wenske and I were lucky enough to take some pictures for Retro Bizzaro. Armed with a bag of treats and a box of fabric, I styled and set up the shots while Aimee shot pictures. We ironed a lot and took turns carefully taking bites into treats.

black hole

Retro Bizzaro is Mark and Amanda Joyner's way of bringing snack cakes and candy bars made of local ingredients to the people of Austin, Texas. Look for them at Hope Farmers Market and random other markets. For a fun window into their lives follow them on Twitter @RetroBizzaro.

Bella Luna

The bella luna is like a s'more cookie sandwich. I liked the chocolate half better than the other. I got to take the first bite of this one.

grapefruit log

Logs are a retro version of the Hostess Twinkie with vanilla cake filled with grapefruit cream. The log was my favorite Retro Bizzaro treat. I sometimes find myself craving them. I wish they delivered to my work.

bacon tweet

Others treats are quite bizzaro like this bacon marshmallow "tweet" (which is like a marshmallow Peep).

bacon caramel

I let Aimee take bites of the meaty-bacon treats.

Amanda and Megan from Stetted just started a new food blog called Two Forked Mamas where they document their adventures in mommy-hood and farm fresh foods.

Megan told me Retro Bizzaro discontinued the grapefruit filling and replaced it with strawberry lemonade. As long as it still sounds summery and citrusy, I'll take it.