Today I Love: Cookieboy

I'm kinda obsessed with Cookieboy right now. Cookieboy is a Japanese artist who has chosen cookies as his medium.

Would you say cake pops are mine?

kathyphantastic Secret: I considered submitting cake pops to a call for new and emerging artists' entries New Art in Austin exhibit at Austin Museum of Art last year. Too bad I didn't have enough time to get everything ready.

PS Don't forget to check out the Cookieboy blog. I'm Japanese illiterate, but I'm in love with the cookie necklaces.

Meanwhile, here's my cookie boy:

Today I Love: Laura George Holding Hands Print

I've hadn't thought about this until today. You'd have 6 more hands to hold if you became an octopus.

Hands, tentacles, same difference (except for those creepy suction cups).

Holding Hands Print, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Oh, and I love a bunch of Laura's other prints, too. I kinda want to go to Chicago to meet Laura George and make her my new best friend.

Here goes:

We are Intellectuals, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

It's Hard to Be a Person, Laura George on Etsy, $15.

Hungry Hairbeast Friends, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Skyfall, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Things I'm Thankful For, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Check out all of Laura George's illustrations on her Etsy store and blog.

Welcome kathyphantastic on Etsy

welcome banner

Hello everyone! I'm excited to finally announce that I've launched my Etsy store!

I've been working patiently and sometimes impatiently over the past few months on starting my own tiny business. I've been crafting, styling, writing, and doing a lot of paperwork. I'd like to give a huge thank you to Aimee Wenske for helping me with photography, Colin Walsh for editing my copy, and Chris Cain for general support and assistance.

Whenever you have a few minutes, please stop by kathyphantastic on Etsy.

Here are few examples of what you'll find:

bon voyage 2 banner yeah baby banner

Yeah Baby! I'm selling Paper banners and garlands for celebrations.

I made my first sale last week, before announcing my launch. I was so incredibly excited that a stranger wanted to buy something I made. My first sale was to Cora in Nevada. She bought the Bon Voyage Banner. Thank you so much Cora.

IMG_9542 IMG_9554

Custom hand drawn plates (pictures NOT by Aimee Wenske, but expect some new photos soon). These plates were made for my friend Jessica's bridal shower.

I'll be adding a product a day this week, so check back to see what else I've got crafting.

Big Bang Collective Launch Party at DWR

New super-talented Austin arsty girl group, Big Bang Collective is hosting a party celebrating their launch at Design Within Reach. These ladies can photograph, illustrate, style, design, makeup and do hair.

The party includes a coloring contest (!) AND cocktails, really, who could resist?

The Big Bang Collective includes the following ladies:
alecia marcum
alexandra valenti
alice willett
alyson fox (who I've been slightly obsessed with since I met her while working on an Eliza Page window)
amanda elmore
danann patrick
farrah reid
mahshad vakili
meredith word
rachel hunt
sara edwards

Read more more about each artist and their collective work on Big Bang Collective's website.

Design Within Reach
200 West 2nd Street
Austin, TX 78701

RSVP on Facebook

I hope to be part of a collective one day and to have a billion dollars so I can shop DWR. Who wants to work with me?