Today I Want: Kate Spade Sprinkles iPad Folio

I must have missed this by a millisecond. I'm pretty much glued to my iPad at work, so this would have gotten a lot of use. You snooze, you lose. I totally added it to my wait list, though.

Oh, did I mention I'll get to see my ecommerce hero in real life today? Yes, I'll be attending Gilt Groupe founder Alexis Maybank's reception at the W, thanks to my friend Danielle and her tireless entries to Austin Tidbits contests. Double thanks Danielle. I'm SO excited!

Kate Spade Sprinkles iPad Folio, Gilt Groupe, $45

Today I Want: Hello Sunshine Straw Hat

This hat would be perfect for my best friend's upcoming beach wedding and much needed little beach vacation. But...the $95 price tag is too steep.

There's a Kate Spade friends and family sale this weekend, but $71.25 is still more than I'm willing to spend (then there's the shipping and tax). If it were closer to $50, this guy would be sitting in my suitcase ready to hear the "I do's."

Hello Sunshine Straw Hat, Kate Spade, $95

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Some might argue that it never gets cold in Texas. Well, I'm a cold wimp and the past few days have been super cold to me.

I'm loving these cold weather hats by Kate Spade.

The peppermint striped details on the Brrr hat are genius. So are these peppermint ear muffs.

Hello Goodbye is my favorite. What's yours?

Feel free to read this post while listening to Hello Goodbye

Hello Goodbye, Kate Spade, $75

Ski Goggle Hat, Kate Spade, $75 - Kate Spade called this the Ski Google Hat, I'm not sure if that's tongue in cheek or a typo

Brrr Ski Hat, Kate Spade, $75

Today I Love: All Typed Up Clyde Handbag by kate spade

I love this tongue in cheek All Typed Up Clyde typewriter handbag by Kate Spade.

How often does QWERTY get to be cute?

I'd so get this if I were a cute engineer or the fashionable software developer. Luckily, I'm not. If I were, I'd be able to afford it. I think Computer Engineer Barbie would approve.

All Typed Up Clyde handbag, Kate Spade, $495.

P.S. I'm pretty sure this pouch is Clyde's best friend.

All Typed Up Large Pouch, Kate Spade, $95.

Today I Love: Jonathan Adler iPhone Cases

jonathan adler iphone cases

These Jonathan Adler iphone cases are so beautiful.

My favorites are Blue Circles and Multi Bargello. I can't choose just one.

I wish I wasn't scared of scratching the screen and dropping my iPhone face-down. This is why I have to carry an ugly old man case with flip-front cover and belt clip. At least I don't use the belt clip.

Which one is your favorite?

Jonathan Adler iPhone Case, See Jane Work, $20.00

Be sure to look at all of See Jane Work's cute desk accessories while you're looking at the cases. Their selection will cheer up any cube.