Sharon Loves This Bridal Shower

Sharon & Megan

My friend Sharon is getting married.

Last weekend was her bridal shower. There were lots of Asian ladies at her shower (friends of her mom). Here's a picture of Sharon (and Kyle) with the Asian ladies.

Sharon Kyle & Asian Ladies

There were actually so many ladies, I couldn't fit them into the frame. Sorry other ladies!

Here's Sharon with Ade, a mutual friend who introduced us long before Sharon started her blog. It was after the blog, that we decided we're kinda the same person.

Sharon & Ade

I fully support wedding registries so couples can get what they actually want. But, I broke the rules and made her gift.


Here it is:

sharon + kyle

Customized appetizer plates!

You can make your own customized plates, too. Here's my tutorial in case you want some guidance.

sharon and kyle face plates
custom lettered plates

I had fun drawing for her. I hope she uses them in her new house.

4 responses
That is so adorable!
omigosh i love this! you are a phantastic photog miss kathy...
btw, i am bringing my lovely plates with me to the house this weekend and i can't WAIT to use them :)
I love your friend's (Sharon) dress!!! Where did she get it?
Sharon's dress is from Anthropologie. I fell in love with it, too. So, I asked her at the shower.