Austin Bakes for Japan - Sanrio Character Cake Pops

You might have heard that Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic are making Keroppi Cake pops for Austin Bakes for Japan Bake Sale benefiting AmeriCares.

It's true, Sanrio Keroppi cake pops will be available at Austin Bakes for Japan. But that's not all!

We're proud to offer the cake pop versions of other Sanrio characters such as the Hello Kitty cake pops I made for Sharon Loves This' bachelorette party.

Oh and there's more. There's also Pekkle and Chococat.

Badtz Maru and Pochacco just stopped by for the photo opp. They won't be available at Austin Bakes.

Our Sanrio Cake Pops will be available at Hotel San Jose and The Shops at Mira Vista. Jessica from Objects of Confection will be volunteering at the Mira Vista location, so be sure to stop by say hi and get a few of their delicious cake balls.

And to let blog readers in on a little secret: those Keroppi pops are red velvet inside.

Huge thank you to the amazingly talented Aimee Wenske for photographing these Sanrio cake pops and Kathryn Hutchinson of Austin Gastronomist for organizing Austin Bakes for Japan. We hope to raise a lot of money for Japan through cuteness.

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really really really really really really really really really impressed by this


Kathy- you've outdone yourself! No one makes as cute of cake pops as you do and now you've made the cutest ones ever!!!!! Seriously dying over the cuteness here.
absolutely adorable!
somehow, I think these will be the FIRST thing to go! DARLING!!!
I agree with the you've outdone yourself comment.

They look incredible.

Kathy, these Sanrio cake pops are SO CUTE!!! =) I wish I was in Austin, so I could buy them all! Great Job!
Thank you so much everyone. It seemed like a daunting task, but I'm so happy we were able to do it (and that it turned out well).

Titus, big thank you for being one of my trusted cake pop disposals.

Amy, I miss working with Eric so I occasionally score one of your delicious treats (among other reasons).

Briget your Japanese flag cookies are gorgeous, by the way I'm a huge fan of Bake at 350 Sweets.

Shelley, I might have to make a side trip to Woof Gang for your scones. Strawberry and almond together? Mmmm...

Monica, thanks for the support. Hang out again soon?

Elaine, I thought of you while I was making these Sanrio cake pops. Now that I've teamed up with Objects of Confection, we can actually sell the Hello Kitties. Maybe you can get some whenever you're in Austin?

they look great. i did stop by our local Bake for Japan sale yesterday and bought some brownie pops that someone made, but they weren't cute like this.