Robots for Flobot

two bots hanging out on a ledge

My silly birthday celebration ideas tend to get passed at work.

We decorated Florent's decor-free desk with Play-doh sculptures in his honor. There was a time when he borrowed other co-workers' desk decor to seem more like a "real employee." Florent took a framed baby picture and pretended it was his child. Happy Birthday Florent! You get your own desk sculptures.

dehumidifier and buddha

There's a theory that he's actually a robot from France. This should explain all the robot sculptures.


Some sculptures were better than others.


It's great how much happiness $2 worth* of Play-doh can bring.

*Note: Play-doh was 75% off after Valentine's Day.

robots & mexican martini

That thing on the tofu robot that looks kinda like an anatomical heart is actually a habanero. You do remember Florent eating habaneros, don't you?

tofubot takes a seat

5 responses
I love playdoh. And those robots are awesome.
thanks for spreading the cheer and inspiration.
i have about 5 unopened boxes of playdoh (i just needed one and they only had a 6 pack)
maybe tonight i will make little critters.
You always come up with new and creative weirdness to entertain me
Your workplace always looks like so much fun!! All we ever get to play with around here is giant stuffed bison heads.
I love Play-doh except for the weird smell. I'm glad to inspire Play-doh critter creation.

I only post the fun stuff. It makes my work seem much more exciting. The normal work is less fun that playing with giant stuffed bison heads. (I think?) Please post pictures of playing with said bison heads. I must see this.

I'm just glad I've got support for my weird ideas.