Pre-Tasty Up Tour: Franklin Barbecue Farewell Lunch

Last Friday aka the day before Tasty Up Trailer Tour, I went to a Franklin Barbecue during lunch. Yes, I'm still vegetarian. No, I'm not crazy, and no, I didn't eat. I just had a Sweet Leaf half and half and enjoyed the company.

Topo Chico and group photo with me by Cody Jenkins, others by kathyphantastic

Why did I go? Because I had to. It was my boss' last day at the company and it was camaraderie. In the same way that guys will often need an activity to hang out and talk. I knew I needed to go to Franklin Barbecue Trailer Lunch, and that afternoon I was one of the guys.

As a second-hand barbecue eater, I thought the food was great. I heard lots of satisfied grunts and was happy to see that no one put down their food until they were finished.


I looked around and took pictures. The grounds are decorated to look like a 1950s trailer park complete with tiki string lights and retro tulip chairs. I spied some pink flamingos, a lawn gnome, and the best speaker housing I've ever seen.

photo by Cody Jenkins

Later after some more Franklin BBQ research I discovered that they serve Tempeh Frito Pie. I didn't see this on the chalkboard menu, but I wasn't really looking. This means I can go with my coworkers and eat something next time. Sadly, it will be without Brian. I hope Franklin's tempeh Frito pie is as tasty as Billy's on Burnet's veggie Frito pie.


Brian Wulfe left to start his own company where he'll be managing online advertising for small business. Congratulations to him. I am so proud of him.

Brian is a leader with great business sense and common sense, someone who would really listen and cared about our lives. He plays well with others and after a slew of terrible managers, his outstanding leadership will be missed. His leaving is both a huge loss for appliances and a huge win for himself.

The next few months will be hard.

My heart is heavy.

Wulfe Pop

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Ugh...I know how much of a bummer it can be when you lose an awesome co-worker. The people you work with can make or break the whole office. Hope the next boss (you?) is just as great as Brian was.

However, the upside to your not having something to eat is that there are lots of great photos for your blog fans to look at!

everyone's hair looks absolutely impeccable in that last picture
The BBQ was amazing, My hair looks amazing in the last picture (thanks for noticing Chris), the tea was amazing, the cake pop - way more amazing!