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While we were in the Bay Area for the terrible Texas vs. Berkeley game (see Burnt Orange Nation's woeful recap or Oregon Live's which is more to the point), the redhead and I were are able to slightly offset the defeat by eating our way though San Francisco. One of my favorite lunch stops was Rooster and Rice in Cow Hollow. 

Rooster and Rice serves khao man gai. If If you haven’t heard of khao man gai, it’s Thai chicken and rice with a delicious spicy chili, ginger, garlic and soybean sauce that you eat with a broth. Rooster and Rice also serves a vegetarian option with organic brown rice, tofu, and vegetables. You alternate bites of the chicken and rice (or in my case, tofu and rice) with sips of hot broth. Here’s a video on how you eat it from Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland.

By the way, four months later, the redhead still hasn’t recovered from the Horns' loss.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/1127757 2017-02-01T05:17:44Z 2017-02-01T21:34:46Z Washington DC's Best Cupcakes at Baked and Wired Bakery

I've been to Washington, D.C. quite a few times and the one place that I have to go every time I visit is Baked and Wired bakery in Georgetown. I strongly believe that they make the best cupcakes in the U.S. and so does my friend, Phuong of Mibellarosa. Don’t doubt us, we will fight you. She’s a floral designer...vases and thorns might get thrown. 

Baked and Wired serves a huge selection of cupcake flavors daily and their Razmanian Devil cupcake (lemon cake with raspberry preserves and lemon buttercream), Smurfette (vanilla cake with blueberries and lemon buttercream), and pumpkin (pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting) cupcakes are my favorites. All those flavors are seasonal, so I’m not sure if they are ever available at the same time. The strawberry cupcake and OMG bar (s’mores) are also delicious and available everyday. The cupcakes are displayed across the counter in cloches and there is almost always a little bit of a line. Don’t worry, it moves fast, and it might be a good idea to do a glance through all the flavors before getting in line, anyway. Gotta be efficient. B&W also has cookies, bee sting bars, and marshmallows. 

In addition to the sweets, Baked and Wired makes the best soy matcha latte in their cafe. Soy comes standard.

If you want both a coffee or tea and a baked good, I recommend ordering the drink first, getting your cupcakes second, and picking up your drink afterwards. 

Baked and Wired’s sister restaurant, A Baked Joint is equally delicious with fewer (meaning zero) cupcakes and cakes and pies instead. I’ll need write a post about them, too. 

Pardon the iPhone photos, I'm planning a trip back to eat a dozen cupcakes on my own take better photos.
Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/1123172 2017-02-01T02:17:19Z 2017-02-01T02:17:20Z Southwest Airlines Companion Pass Obtained

Throughout 2016, the redhead was working hard to earn the Southwest Airlines Companion pass. This rewards program lets the most loyal of Southwest customers bring a friend with them on flights practically for free. In November, he got it and guess who he chose as his companion? If you guessed a Chipotle burrito, you are wrong. The companion does indeed need to be human, otherwise he may have actually chosen the burrito. The burrito wouldn’t have minded a middle seat, doesn’t cry, and isn’t loud, but may have had trouble going through security without taking off its aluminum jacket, and would have needed help boarding. It would always need to board with families with small children and passengers requiring additional assistance boarding the plane, right before boarding group B. 

I digress. Who’s almost as good as a Chipotle burrito? Me!

Growing up, I didn’t get have the privilege of traveling much as my parents were always working long hours and we didn’t have the resources. As an adult, I LOVE traveling and exploring new places, sights, locally-made items, and of course trying new food! Unfortunately in my career, I had limited vacation time and often took my PTO to hustle and do freelance work. When I finally got a job with a decent amount of vacation, scheduling days off was a sticky situation and it was extremely difficult to get approved with no rhyme or reason.

The redhead didn't travel much as a child, either, at least not by plane. Family trips were through parts of the Southwest— West Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, etc. His family really likes the desert. For being such pale people, I was surprised about this, but to each their own (with adequate sun protection).

Needless to say, we were both thrilled for the opportunity to travel across the country for approximately $6 dollars in fees.

2017 will be full of travel adventures, and I’ll be blogging about the Companion Pass here and posting even more on Instagram.

Photo credit: Jamie Jones Photography 

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425253 2012-11-14T01:14:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:52Z Chalkboard Photo Booth Props

Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to make hand-lettered chalkboard speech bubbles for a event photo booth at the University of Texas at Austin's Division of Housing and Food Service's Mexican American Cultural Dinner. Cool Frijoles! Here are some of my favorites from Marisa Vasquez Photography

Under my creative direction, Marisa created that larger than life avocado. Haha.
Logo design by Corey Marquart
Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425259 2012-10-08T04:29:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:52Z Big News

Hello? Anybody there? It's been a long time, I definitely didn't keep my end of the promise about posting more often.

I've been busy, but I'm always busy, so I guess that's not a good excuse. Shout out to patient reader Allison who kindly reminded me to post this weekend.

I hope you'll welcome my return, because I've got BIG news. In August, the redhead asked me to marry him. Well, he brought me up a mountain and gave me a ring, and forgot to ask me to marry him, but I reminded him...

It all happened at Grand View Park. You might remember this photo:

There's a lot of backstory about him asking for my parents' permission via traditional Vietnamese means (including cognac) and flying all the way to NYC to see my prospective engagement ring in person(!!!) at Anna Sheffield with my friend Katy.

I said yes, and then I was so excited, I stole this French bulldog. His name is Butch.

Photos by Tina Phan, who he secretly flew to San Francisco and had hiding on that mountain.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425307 2012-08-21T21:24:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:53Z Today I Want: Fuschia Bag

I am in love with this fuschia bag from Kate Spade. It would look amazing with my fall greys, black, and other neutral.

Kate Spade New York Primrose Hill Goldie, $277

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425314 2012-08-01T04:59:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:53Z Boston Brunch at Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be sent to Boston for a conference. My work best friends and I made a mini-vacay of it and even added a few days to the beginning for adventures.

Being a lover of brunch, I made my ladies fuel our first full day in Beantown with a brunch from Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro.

Lindsay and I both ordered the cider braised apple french toast, and Meagan had the frittata. Sorry for the weird cropping as I had to snap this photos quickly. I just couldn't wait to eat it.

Brunch was the perfect start for a historical day on The Freedom Trail.

Note: Brunch was also where Meagan began reading The Complete Guide to Boston's Freedom Trail to us. Get your own copy here. Meagan's book on tape isn't available...yet.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425319 2012-07-23T04:19:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:53Z Cake Pops at Cupcakes and Cocktails Bake A Wish Event

I am designing two dozen Austin, Texas themed cake pops for Austin Food Bloggers Alliance's Cupcakes and Cocktails event benefiting Bake A Wish. Bake A Wish is a non-profit providing birthday cakes for children in need. Tickets for Wednesday's event are available online for $35.

My fancy cake pops will in the silent auction and will be made with chocolate cake balls from Objects of Confection. There may be a few other flavors here and there.  Be there and bid high. ;)

Jessica Forkner from Objects of Confection will be participating in the Cupcakes and Cocktails Challenge in which she will be baking up cocktail-inspired cupcakes and facing off against some of Austin's most talented bakers including Sugar Mama's Bakeshop and Amity Bakery (she distributes my fave almond croissants to La Boite). Man is this going to be tasty.

Cupcakes and Cocktails
Wednesday, July 27, 2012
6:00 - 9:00pm
AT&T Conference Center, Tejas Room

Find out more on the Cupcakes and Cocktails Facebook event
Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425419 2012-07-06T14:00:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Doodle Dining Club: Lucy's Fried Chicken
It's National Fried Chicken Day! I promise I didn't make this one up. Check CNN's Eatocracy for more details. To celebrate this obscure holiday, I bring you a fried chicken-related post. 

Lucy's Fried Chicken
is yet another place that seems like I, as a vegetarian of many years, might not go to. My friend Meagan chose this as her first Doodle Dining Club adventure. You might remember the other adventure at Justine's, or the many trips to Franklin BBQ - I seem to go to plenty of places a veggie might not make their first pick.

As the name and the menu suggest, Lucy's specializes in fried chicken.

We started off with drinks. All the ladies had Juicy Lucy water melon margaritas. I somehow ended up with multiple limes.

To start, we shared the cornbread muffins with tequila butter. Yum! Meagan wanted the calf fries (others refused), and the chicken eaters got a big bucket o' chicken.

I had the fire kissed vegetable skewers. they were surprisingly good and thankfully came on top of a bed of greens.

There was some sort of issue with our order, so we got a table full of complimentary pie. The waiter said there was pie in our future. He was right. There was plenty. We had shoofly, s'mores, key lime. We had high blood sugar for the rest of the week.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425425 2012-07-05T14:01:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Austin, Texas, I Love You - Chalk Art Time Lapse Video

Big news: I recently branched into a new medium - chalk art.

Here is a video of my largest piece to date from Austin handmade boutique, Burlap Bag.

Owners Lauren and Josiah Lowe curate a collection of handmade items from makers around the US including several Austin designers. They also have a cute and helpful DIY blog with tutorials like how to make brown sugar or branch jewelry holder. Their site goes straight to the blog.

Here's Lauren's post about the Austin Texas I Love You chalkboard on the Burlap Bag blog. That's a mouthful -- or a bagful.

Stop by their store and see all their amazing handcrafted finds, and check out my chalkboard art while you're there.

502 W. 30th St.
Austin, TX 78705

Not in Austin? Lucky you, they just launched their online store. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the chalk art in person.

Here are some in progress shots.

Thanks Burlap Bag for letting me fill your window with chalk.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425432 2012-06-30T05:08:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Students of the World Professional Cake Pops
photo by Tina Phan

My friend Danielle is one of the busiest people I know. She's into fashion, fitness, e-commerce, advertising, and social media. She's just a general go-getter. Now she's got to get going to Jacmel, Haiti to film a documentary about Jean Baptiste Dessaix Music School.

Danielle and her Students of The World Professional team are a mix of filmmaking, producing, fundraising, and photography professionals.

photo by Steve Moakley


photo by Steve Moakley

I designed some Students of the World logo cake pops for their SOW Pro on the Patio fundraising event held on Launch787's patio.

photo by Steve Moakley

Look closely and you can see a donor chomping on a SOW Pro cake pop full of Objects of Confection's signature red velvet. He looks pretty content. I wasn't able to attend the event, but I heard the pops went fast.

Lucky guy.

photo by Tina Phan

Find out more about the trip and the team on the SOW Pro website, their Facebook page, and blog.

Donate to Danielle or her entire team on their Rally page.

I'm so proud of you, Danielle! You are amazing.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425437 2012-06-25T05:54:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Today I Want: Pretzel Float

Today marks my first trip to Barton Springs this summer. The redhead and I saw not one, but two French bulldogs on an island on the dog-friendly portion of the the springs. They didn't look to happy to be on that island, and we decided they were playing Lost.

What would make my next trip to even better is this pretzel float from Urban Outfitters. Does anyone make beer cheese or mustard floaties as accompaniments?

If I get the chance to bring this inflatable pretzel to Barton Springs Pool, I hope to see a German shepherd on the puppy island.

Pretzel Pool Float, Urban Outfitters, $18

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425484 2012-06-21T14:00:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:55Z Sketchnotes: Creativity & Innovation Liz Aebersol University of Texas

Sketchnotes from the Igniting Creativity & Innovation session with Liz Aebersold,The Director of Communications and Strategy Management for IT at UT. Liz has a Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership. I just learned that existed!

I wish I could have brought some of my colleagues to the the talk. Here's to working with more openminded people in the future.

Do you think any of them will want to play at the next big meeting? How many of you get to play at work? Do you have creative leaders in your life?

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425515 2012-06-18T04:19:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:55Z Today I Love: Steven Mattern's USA Map Puzzles

Steven Mattern builds counties and continents out of wood.

I was so happy to see that he's from Austin, Texas. Maybe one day we'll meet.

USA Highway Map Puzzle, Steve Mattern Design + Build, $92

USA Magnetic Time Zone Map, Steve Mattern Design + Build, $88

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425548 2012-06-12T04:26:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:55Z Doodle Dining Club: Justine's Brasserie

My friend Meagan recently started a dining club. I love an excuse to get dressed up and eat delicious food at new (to me) eateries. Naturally, I joined her club.

This weekend we got "summer fancy" at Justine's Brasserie.

Last month I got a few too-outrageous-for-work but perfect-for-going-out outfits and I was so excited about picking an outfit. I go out to eat often, but rarely to fancy places. And suprisingly, I don't even have a million weddings to go this summer.

After conferring with Meagan on what she was wearing, I went with summer sequins and NEON. I've been dying to wear my new BB Dakota skirt. I first spotted it on my birthday weekend at Maya Star, but they didn't have it in my size. I later found it on Gliks for only $37! I'd never heard of Gliks, but I'm pretty happy about their prices.

Somebody didn't include my shoes in the photo. Hi, random cars.

Here I am with Meagan and Roach.

There was a long wait and I stayed cool with a very apropos French 75. Meagan went with a sparking water and of course they had Perrier handy.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the food because it was too dark to photograph. You're also missing out on the cute golden lab puppy that came in after dark and the ten or so mosquito bites I got from sitting on the patio.

What I had:

Cheese plate
Verdict: Tasty with fig paste and pistachios. One of the cheeses was really soft and difficult to eat without bread.

Salade de frisee
Verdict: Good, but pricey for the portion size

Side of ratatoulle
I read the Yelp reviews and this was better than expected, I'd increase this to entree size next time.

Creme brulee
Verdict: Tasty and bigger than expected

I didn't have a good photo of Roach's boyfriend Brandon but I promose he was also there. (Thumbs up, Brandon!)

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425575 2012-06-05T04:17:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:56Z Today I Love: Washing Cats by Caracarmina

Washing Cats Diaorama print, caracarmina on Etsy, $25

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425601 2012-05-27T15:43:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:56Z Hello (friend), I love you illustrated plates

I've been iPad deep in email, text, Etsy, and Facebook correspondence lately.

I'm glad to say I'll be saying hello in real life to some good friends this weekend.

hello, I Love You plate, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $15

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425629 2012-05-22T18:35:00Z 2015-03-27T00:24:04Z Today I Want: Kate Spade Sprinkles iPad Folio

I must have missed this by a millisecond. I'm pretty much glued to my iPad at work, so this would have gotten a lot of use. You snooze, you lose. I totally added it to my wait list, though.

Oh, did I mention I'll get to see my ecommerce hero in real life today? Yes, I'll be attending Gilt Groupe founder Alexis Maybank's reception at the W, thanks to my friend Danielle and her tireless entries to Austin Tidbits contests. Double thanks Danielle. I'm SO excited!

Kate Spade Sprinkles iPad Folio, Gilt Groupe, $45

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425269 2012-05-15T04:45:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:52Z Amy's Custom Baking Mug

I'm so excited about my latest custom mug design. This order came from Monica of Sugar Stitches as a Mother's Day gift for her future mother-in-law, Amy.

Amy is a baking phenomenon who also happens to do triathlons.

I'll be adding this new design to Etsy this week.

Amy, I hope you liked your mug.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425279 2012-05-14T02:00:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:52Z Mother's Day Love and Mom Cake Pops
photos by Tina Phan

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Hope you're being extra kind to your mamas today. They did give birth to you, after all.

Earlier this week, kathyphantastic and Objects of Confection were invited to be part of the Tribeza magazine Mother's Day Shop Hop Event by Eliza Page Jewelry and Accessories! A few stores in Austin's 2nd Street District stayed open late for shoppers to pamper their mamas with spa treatments, makeovers, and of course, yummy treats.

Honored to be part of the event, I whipped up some "Mom" and "Love" lettered cake pops in girly pink and red for shoppers to munch on. Objects of Confection served several platters of cake balls in their signature red velvet, lemon, and Italian creme.

Lil Phan and I didn't get our mom treats this year. She's over cake pops and was never really into them to begin with. (I know!) Mommy Phan emailed us just before midnight, telling me and lil Phan that she'd already opened her gift and loved it. Opening Mother's Day presents before Mother's Day...isn't that cheating?

What'd you get your mom? Was it something sweet that rhymes with bake mops?

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425311 2012-05-10T05:02:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:53Z Austin Flea Holiday Show 2011 The Highball
photos by by Tina Phan

This Saturday, May 12th, we're doing our 3rd Austin Flea at the highball. This is the Mother's Day Austin Flea, and you'll be able to buy some hand-lettered and illustrated ceramics from kathyphantastic and pretty fabulous hair accessories for mom.

Last December was our first Flea and my first in-person craft show. I was nervous. Was it going to go well? Was I going to go home with a car full of (my own) handpainted ceramics?

I was glad my friend Lauren from DottiePop was there to keep me company as was Santa Mario.

Here's an excellent picture that show how we coincidentally both wore black and white stripes.

A few friends stopped by to check out the booth and show, and I found myself noting many locally-made crafts I wanted for myself, including rings by Kelly Stiles, ceramics by Dim and Sum, and jam by Confituras. Objects of Confection had a batch of homemade chocolate dipped graham crackers. I snagged a few.

Joanna from Keep Austin Stylish stopped by to pick up her The East Side Mug she won from a giveaway on the kathyphantastic Facebook page. She shared her favorite mustache with us:

Yep. That's a winner.

A few people inquired about the custom pet mugs.

So I did go home with ceramics in my car, but far fewer than I started with. Success!

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425400 2012-05-08T15:15:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Bride and Groom Cake Ball Wedding Cake Topper
photos by Aimee Wenske

kathyphantastic and Objects of Confection were recently commissioned for a cake ball wedding cake topper (and subsequent wedding cake - the ceramic wedding cake is just for show)

The cake ball bride and groom turned out so cute, we've decided to add them to our wedding dessert offerings.

We'll customize the wedding dress and suit or tux to match the bride and groom. Pearls, rhinestones, fascinators, bow ties, boutonnières, we'll make it happen.

And if the sweet couple would like to be joined by a pet or three, we'll do that, too. We could even add a zoo.

Here's the newly-hitched husband and wife with their little cake ball pug.

We're happy to work with brides-to-be and grooms-to-be.

We'd love to make some more groom toppers.

cake toppers and styling by kathyphantastic
cake balls by Objects of Confection
photos by Aimee Wenske

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425438 2012-05-03T23:00:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z New on the Etsy Shop: Hand-Drawn Flapper Mug

Say hello to the flapper mug.

She's new to the kathyphantastic Etsy shop.

This mug and her mustachioed friend will also be available at the Mother's Day Austin Flea next Saturday, May 12 at The Highball.

I think they're perfect for coffee after a late night of Prohibition-era cocktails at the East Side Show Room.

Flapper Mug, kathyphantastic Etsy shop, $22
Mustache Mug, kathyphantastic Etsy shop, $22
Red feather hair accessory, DottiePop

Photos by Aimee Wenske
Styling by Kathy Phan

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425441 2012-05-01T04:40:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Today I Want: Bright Sandals with Glam Accents

I'm not sure what I love more: the bow or the silver toe. What do you think?

Vince Camuto Spicer Sandals, Nordstrom, $97.95

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425448 2012-04-26T14:46:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Austin Flea May 2012 Announcement

kathyphantastic and DottiePop will be sharing our third Austin Flea booth May 12th, at The Highball.

I'll be selling items currently listed in the kathyphantastic Etsy store - mostly hand-lettered ceramics and a few new items if things go my way early May.

Come have a discounted mimosa with us. Prices will be ever-so-slightly cheaper - the benefits of shopping kathyphantastic in person. And check the Facebook page for some giveaways leading up to the show.

Austin Flea
May 12, 2012
11 am - 5 pm
The Highball - 1142 South Lamar [map]

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425451 2012-04-09T04:28:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:54Z Today I Love: letterhappy handwritten typography cards

I plan on working on a handwritten typography project this summer. These lovely cards (and prints) from Christen Strang of letterhappy are so inspiring and sweet. I might have to snag some for next Valentine's Day or maybe just for a whatever day when I feel like I should tell someone I love them.


Her monogram initial cards are nice, too.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425476 2012-03-29T06:51:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:55Z Elizabeth St. Boulangerie Eclairs and Banh Mi

Last weekend, I met up with my friends Sam and Samuel for a brainstorming session to prepare for a big project coming up in the next few months.

Sam is a Sunday regular at Elizabeth Street Cafe - you know, the new fancy Vietnamese bistro not owned by Vietnamese people, and instead owned by the Lambert's of Lamberts (Fancy) BBQ and Perla's fame. 

I immediately fell in love with the clean design, bright Vietnamese-inspired color palette, and a French bulldog (I know!) who appeared in the adjacent patio section. We were all in love with the graphics and general design. There was a certain aqua window frame that made my heart skip a beat.

Having been to plenty of Vietnamese restaurants during my childhood and having visited Vietnam twice in my adulthood, it was surreal to be in a space that drew elements from the motherland while being full of non-Vietnamese people. The restaurant used colors remiscent of the less modernized areas of Saigon, but the ambiance was so quiet and clean comparatively. There were no motorbikes, no dust, no impoverished people. A French colonial dream, perhaps?

When it came time to make decisions, I ordered the lemongrass tofu banh mi and a pistachio eclair and nibbled on a few bites of a very tasty mango salad that was brought to Sam on the house. It pays to be a regular and the reward is paid out in shredded mango in a vinagrette with basil and green onion.

My lemongrass tofu banh mi was good. The bread was warm and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside as banh mi should be. I enjoyed the mayo which was blended with chili paste. However, the $7 price tag was high for the food of my peoples. Being from Houston, banh mi are usually $3-5. 

Sam ate not one, but two pistachio eclairs and a huge bowl of fried keffir lime fried chicken vermicelli (bun). I wish I would have photographed the bowl in front of her. She could have easily fit inside that bowl. There was much remarking of how good her dish was, but alas she was defeated by it's giant size and had plenty of leftovers that night. Sam had predicted her fate before ordering, telling us the bun portions could feed two.

Samuel and his lady each had the keffir lime fried chicken banh mi and shared the Nutella eclair (which by the way, was very chocolate-y).

Elizabeth Street's French pastries were far better than the majority of the Vietnamese places I've been to growing up. They tasted fresher and they weren't wrapped in plastic. The display near the hostess stand was quite beautiful, more like a dessert table at a wedding than a bakery case. These pastries were also 3-5 times more expensive than what's I'm used to, but I'd say in this case they're worth the splurge. I am a dessert girl, after all. Have you seen the cake pops portion of this blog? ;)

Overall it was a pleasant experience. Good food, great company and ideas. I do wish the banh mi was a little cheaper. I plan on coming back with my fancy camera and trying the veggie pho or mushroom and tofu vermicelli sometime and another dessert or two, of course.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425555 2012-03-26T05:07:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:56Z Meat Fest: Franklin BBQ for Hieu's 30th Birthday

Hey everyone. I hope there's still people out there interested in my sometimes Phantastic life. It's been crazy busy as usual, but some of the busy has been been fun. At the end of February, my friend Hieu celebrated his 30th with what seemed like thirty pounds of meat.

Phuong, Wendy, The Redhead and I stood in line for 3 hours so Hieu could feast on his birthday meat. Funny enough, this is not even close to my first time at Franklin BBQ - it's actually my 4th. You can see the other Franklin post, and yes, I'm still vegetarian.

As others had their fill of BBQ, I had some potato salad, cole slaw, this tiny pie, and a Topo Chico.

There wasn't a moment when everyone didn't have BBQ in their mouth or on their fork. Except for maybe here when Wendy was trying to stab the potato salad

It was kind of intense

Phuong's nails looked fancy even when they were pouring BBQ Sauce.

Most people left with Meat Sweats, but everyone left happy and needing a nap.

Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425605 2012-03-07T06:47:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:56Z Dog Portraits Featured in The BARK Magazine

Big news! kathyphantastic dog portrait plates and mugs were featured in the January/February 2012 Issue of The Bark Magazine. Oh you haven't heard of The Bark? It's only the premiere "dog culture magazine"

My custom hand-drawn pup portraits were featured in the Home Works: Best Picks of Domestic Design section. The Shipley dog portrait mug and French bulldog plate were among three retailers. kathyphantastic products were featured next to Anthropologie.

photo by Tina Phan

The editors of The Bark found me through my kathyphantastic Etsy shop. Huge thanks to photographer Aimee Wenske for the great product images.

photos by Aimee Wenske

Here's my copy of The Bark Magazine.

photo by Tina Phan
Kathy Phan
tag:blog.kathyphantastic.com,2013:Post/425657 2012-02-16T13:54:00Z 2013-10-08T16:52:57Z Custom Love Mug on Etsy
photos by Aimee Wenske
styling by Kathy Phan

Hey there! How was your V-Day?

We've been swamped the past few weeks. It was a mostly love-filled swamp rather than a Swamp Thing filled swamp.

Life lately has consisted of many heart shaped things - paper hearts, cookie hearts, sprinkle hearts, hand-drawn hearts, and now this custom hand-lettered Monica and Eric in Love mug with red heart which debuted at the Valentine's Austin Flea.

This lovely mug is available through the kathyphantastic Etsy store for $30. Now that Valentine's is over, I think it'd be a cute engagement gift or wedding gift or just a "hey, I love you and that's a good enough reason" gift.

Custom personalized lovers mug, kathyphantastic on Etsy, $30.

Kathy Phan