Phuong's 2+6 (not 8)

I've been super busy lately. The last month (actually, the last 2 months) have been full of birthdays, weekend trips, habanero video, Texas football, and a huge project at work. Sorry for the lack of daily blogs. I hope you can forgive me.

I went on a road trip to Houston for Phuong's birthday. It was a celebration of Phuong turning 26, Melissa's return to Texas, and a good excuse to have a high school girls mini reunion.

We started off with a lunch at Coco's Crepes where i had a whole wheat savory crepe full of roasted veggies and goat cheese with great wine based sauce. There were so many veggie choices, I had a hard time choosing. I'll have to go back to try on of their delicious sounding dessert crepes. Speaking of crepes, this reminds me that I still need to go to Flip Happy in Austin.



A dangerous left turn took us successfully to Phuong and Hieu's (mostly Hieu's) new house. As a shell, it was jaw-droppingly beautiful. Black lacquered wood floors. Cue the clouds opening to heaven music.


I can't wait to see how it will look once they've moved in (aka full of the other love of my life, furniture).

built by James

That afternoon was BYOC (build your own chair). Being a kind gentleman, James built us some IKEA Snille chairs.

After the ooohhing and ahhhing subsided we got pedis -- James even agreed to go with us, got dressed up, went out for Vietnamese food at Jasmine, where Wendy and Eric joined us. Known for serving Seven Courses of Beef, my path at Jasmine led directly to "vegetable dish."

We then confused ourselves with a few homophones and met a guy who sold hair products marketed to African Americans. NOTE: chances of finding Rain when you should be looking for Reign are rare especially when you've never seen or heard of such places. Also, designers need to make sign fonts visible from a distance. Scripts fonts are often less than visible.

I had a great time playing with some of my best friends. It was well worth the 6 hours of travel time. Happy Birthday Phuongies you'll get your present whenever I take the initiative to go to the post office.

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i love it! you must send me your pics. and i must send you your camera charger. i'm so sorry, i'm super awful at making trips to the post office. you shall get it soon though!
those floors are to-die-for! i've always wanted black wooden floors...sigh, someday.
I know. I made little squealing noises (joyous ones) when I saw her floors.