Paycheee's Pineapple Cake Pops

diagonal pineapple cake pops

To celebrate her 26th, my super sporty friend Paycheee did not have a sports party - instead, she threw herself a suburban luau. No self-respecting luau is complete without tropical themed cake pops.

paycheee pineapples

I wanted to make a roasted pig cake pop or two, but the test pops turned out to be cake (pop) wrecks. They were so ugly that I had to go with pineapples.

5 pineapple cake pops

The pineapple cake pops were a touchdown (I mean, hit) and I think they went perfectly with the coconut bras and plastic leis. A lot of birthday partygoers didn't realize what they were. But they had already been drinking for hours...

vertical pineapple cake pops

Happy Birthday Paycheee!

paycheee pops

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Whaaaaaat? These are AMAZING! I would never in a million years have guessed these were cake pops. It must've taken you forever to do the texture on those cake pop rinds!

Trés impressed!

hey i ate some of them before i even knew what they were. badass.
nice hat, paycheee
These are amazing! I'm so impressed! Seriously, absolutely fantastic.
I searched pineapple cake pops on google because im throwing a hawaiian themed bday party for my soon to be 7 year old.. yours are phenominal!! what did you use for the stems, and can these be made in advance and frozen? thanks for the advice!!
these are awesome. please tell me how you made the spikes all over and the tops of the pineapples, these they are perfect for my daughter luau!! Thanks :D
Thanks everyone for the compliments.

Cass - I used edible Easter grass for the stems. I've seen it at Michael's and World Market. The grass is available on Amazon.

Cew - I used yellow candy melts to make the spikes. I dipped the end of plastic chopstick into the yellow candy melt and pressed it repeatedly against the coated cake pop. This resulted in spike shapes.

How did you get the spikes to stick and stand up? Did you just hold each of them in place while the candy-melt dried?
I love these! What color is the actual pineapple? Meaning what color candy coating?
Kristen - the bottom layer is peanut butter flavored candy melt and the spikes are yellow. Thanks.
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