NACUFS 2011 Sketchnotes: Howard Putnam on Leadership

Behold my notes from Southwest Airlines' former CEO, Howard Putnam's General Session - Leadership: Successful Strategies Through Transformation.

Howard's speech left me so inspired. Here are some of my favorite ideas, typed up like a normal person:

  • "Hire attitudes, develop the skills"
  • "MLK never said I have a strategic plan. He said, 'I have a dream.'"
  • "Turbulence is inevitable, but misery is optional."
    I misdrew this one in the sketchnotes. It totally makes more sense this way.
  • "Treat employees as number one."
  • "Let people make the decisions."
  • "When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed."
  • The power of a handwritten note.
    I completely and wholeheartedly believe in this one. In this tech-dependent world full of texts, tweets, emails, Facebook, and blogs (, a handwritten note is magical. One on really gorgeous stationery? Doublestuf that dose of magic.

I usually love keynote speakers. When they're good, what you learn is applicable to life, regardless of your current job.

    If you read the title of this post, first of all, thanks for reading. Second, you're probably wondering what is NACUFS? I suppose the university food service industry is not as glam and popular as it thinks it is. NACUFS is the National Association of College and University Food Services and they have a national conference each year.

    This year, it was (semi-)conveniently held at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas, Texas. And of course, the year I'm selected to represent The University of Texas at Austin, the conference is in a city I already visit a few times a year. By the way, the Gaylord Texan is like a whole 'nother country in a whole 'nother country.

    Find out what others were saying at #NACUFS2011.

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