Mmmpanada Mmmisadventure

lemon meringue cupcake

A few weeks ago Christine found out that Mmmpanadas parked near our work on Mondays in the KickButt Coffee parking lot. Last Monday Christine and I went to investigate. It was an initial Mmmassive fail. For unknown reasons (likely SXSW related), Mmmpanadas was nowhere to be found.

With our Mmmpanada cravings unsatisfied we went on a quest for them, trying Hyde Park Market next. At the market we found two soyrizo and brie empanadas which were expired and in the "to be returned to vendor" pile.

After that second failure, we thought about going to Mother's which was packed. So we enter Quack's and are happy with the menu. I tried to order a sandwich. They were out of all sandwiches.

Fourth try - we go to FreshPlus grocery store across the street and leave with a curry sandwich and thai wrap and return to destination #3, order some dessert and enjoy our grocery goods followed by dessert.

lemon meringue

I had a delicious chocolate mint ganache cake and Christine chose this lemon meringue cupcake that photographed much better than the cake.

Somewhere around this time my camera went insane and I'm still not sure what's wrong or how to fix it. Hopefully these aren't my last pretty pictures.

On a Quack's related tangent. I'm really impressed by Quack's website redesign (vs. 2006) and their decorated cookies. There was a wide selection of mustache cookies in the case. I could have used those during Movember.

P.S. Does anyone else think Mmmpanada looks like Mmm...pandas? Christine brought this to my attention. I totally agree.

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i strangely like that there is a "to be returned to vendor" pile for empanadas
It wasn't until you asked if anyone else read this as "mmm...pandas" that I realized it didn't actually read as "mmm...pandas." I was completely baffled why it wasn't some type of stereotypical Chinese take out.
I had to read the Mmmpanada word 3 times to figure out what it actually said. I thought to myself, "Kathy's vegetarian. Surely she wouldn't be on a quest to eat pandas!"
I second the mmm Pandas comment! I have thought that for years, all my friends thought I was crazy - glad someone else was similarly tricked :)