kathyphantastic at SXSWi (alone) at the Fast Company Grill

*Note: This post was written Friday night. Due to SXSW craziness, it was not released until Tuesday.

It seems that kathyphantastic has no friends. It also seems that kathyphantastic likes Lincoln vehicles.

A man who works for Lincoln made kathyphantastic take these photobooth pictures at their SXSWi event. He insisted kathyphantastic post them to her Facebook page immediately. kathyphantastic refused.

Sadly, kathyphantastic did not win a Lincoln. kathyphantastic also did not get to eat during the Fast Company Grill event at Moonshine. kathyphantastic will try to eat at Moonshine some other time during SXSW. kathyphantastic will also stop referring to herself in the third person in her next blog post.

kathyphantastic does look happy in these lonely photos.