Kafe Leopold Brunch with Special Guest Fran

After posting an iPhone picture of the Lincoln Memorial on Facebook, my friend Fran excitedly replied that he, too, would be in DC for a wedding that weekend. Yay!

We decided to meet up for brunch in morning. After a little bit of Yelping and looking over a list of things to eat from my friend Carole, we decided on Kafe Leopold in Georgetown.



photo by Tina Phan

Boy were we glad we chose Leopold's. There I had the most amazing almond croissant I've had in my life. It wasn't flaky like La Boite (my now second favorite almond croissant). Instead it was dense, moist, and somewhat sticky. Lil Phan got 2 more for the road.

almond croissant

photo by Tina Phan


With so many choices, lil Phan had a hard time deciding. I think she's using her phone to look up some of the menu choices. She seems terrified of making the wrong decision.

She ended up going with this:


photo by Tina Phan

I had lemon souffle pancakes.


photo by Tina Phan

At some point, I got greedy and started stealing other people's food. I mean tasting other people's food.


photo by Tina Phan

Look at the bakery case. Drool.

IMG_0491 IMG_0494

Yay Fran and Yay brunch.


photo by Tina Phan

I'm not sure why the redhead's smile is so forced.


photo by Tina Phan