Jason Roussos T-Shirt Design Takes 2nd


I'm Number 2. I'm Number 2. Roussos takes 2nd.

My design took 2nd place in the company-wide T-shirt design contest.

The Shepard Fairey inspired design beat out 33 other designs to lose to a "I heart twins" dual tap kegerator design. Yep, it's that kind of company.

Original Roussos

I managed to get the President/COO Jason Roussos to pose in an Obama-like manner looking hopeful and up and to the left and traced his image in illustrator. Man, that was a lot of work. First place gets their design printed on shirts for the entire company and $250. Second place gets a pack of Hanes Beefy-Ts and 2 Ken's Tacos. This, unfortunately, was my idea. Had I known, I would have said second place wins $500 and a week's vacation.

Roussos T-Shirt Dark Grey

Roussos is a real character - in a good way. He's pretty hilarous and a good sport. He agreed to get the shirt printed because he wants to have a shirt of himself and I get one, too. I wonder if I can get it printed on a dress. Perhaps this can be my first foray into fashion design. Roussos screenprinted apparel. I like it.

Here's what happened the last time I won second.